Amazing Law of attraction: you will meet whoever you are.

/October 2022

there is an objective law in the universe-the Law of attraction.

that is, what you believe, what you will attract, and what you will get in the end.

sounds like metaphysics, but when you think about it, it seems to make sense.

for example,

keep positive and optimistic mindfulness, good things will be attracted to you;

have negative and negative thoughts, and the final result will be as unsatisfactory as fulfillment.

before you want to do something, learn to apply the Law of attraction. It's like having a big assist that makes you get twice the result with half the effort.


Law of attraction

what you believe will attract

the writer @ Ferry once told such a story.

when he first came to work in Beijing, he went to work in a friend's company.

in order to save money, his friend arranged for him to live far away from the company.

the commuting time is close to two and a half hours a day, and the living environment is also very bad. Four or five people share a house and waste a lot of time just waiting in line for the bathroom in the morning.

the sound insulation of the room was also poor, and he had to hear every move in the next room clearly.

he often teases himself: people who go out don't know each other, and they all know each other.

he got up early in the morning and couldn't sleep well at night. After a month, he had a nervous breakdown.

he doesn't think he can live like this anymore.

his vision is: live close to the company, the house has no cubicles, and roommates have real jobs.

after thinking this, he soon saw a suitable house opposite the company:

the living room is spacious and bright, the room is soundproof, and the important thing is that it is within walking distance from the company.

after renting one and three of the rent, it is no exaggeration to say that he only had money for dinner that night.

he immediately started cleaning the house, posting messages online and recruiting roommates.

he found a roommate that night, and after receiving the rent, he knew that he had paid for his meals for the next month.

then pick the tenant slowly.

since he moved, he walks to and from work every day, goes home at noon to take a nap, and has more time to study his hobbies after work.

later, he sighed many times: fortunately, he was not trapped in a cubicle of more than 200 yuan that year.

when you believe in what kind of life you should live, that life will be attracted to you. In

Law of attraction, belief is originally a kind of belief, a kind of power.

that is, when you particularly want to do something or achieve a wish, this belief becomes an internal driving force that motivates you to take action and make a change.

the Law of attraction doesn't teach you to do nothing every day and daydream what you want.

but when you want to live a life and believe from the bottom of your heart that you can live it, your perception will change, and your cognition will determine your actions and help you achieve your wishes.

every life you live is an external manifestation that matches your inner energy.

so, if you want to change yourself, first change your state of mind;

what you want to attract, you must first have something in your heart.

you have to believe that the moon belongs to you and that the moon and the stars will come to you.


Law of attraction 2

whoever gets close to

becomes what kind of person he will become

for a while, feeling particularly depressed.

A senior told me: when you are in a bad mood, don't stay alone, but talk to people who are lively and cheerful.

when I asked my friends to come home for a heart-to-heart chat on the weekend, my friends joked and my troubles, which were trapped in my heart, disappeared in a little while.

depressed mood is low energy. The most effective way to improve energy is to spend more time with positive energy people.

this is not only the mood, but also the underlying logic of growing up and making money.

Rongrong, a start-up girl in moments, told an inspirational story that happened to her.

Post-95 girl Rongrong, a partner in an Internet company, graduated three years ago with a house and a car, more than most of her peers.

the basic conditions of Rongrong are not very prominent.

she is an ordinary undergraduate graduate, and her family is relatively ordinary. She belongs to the kind that everything has to be fought by herself, and can not provide her with rich callable resources.

but she has a special ability to link with any industry Daniel if she wants to.

when she was still a sophomore, she set her sights on an industry boss who went to the city where the boss was located and tried to win the position of assistant with all sincerity, even without salary.

follow the boss to keep abreast of the latest industry trends, and learn from the boss's way of thinking, her industry accumulation and awareness are much higher than those of her peers.

when her classmate first graduated and started her career, she had been ploughing for several years and started her own business.

whenever she tells the story of overtaking around the corner, she will give others a popular piece of advice: be sure to learn to hold your thighs.

hugging your thighs is not for you to kneel and lick, but to provide exchange value and connect with powerful people. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

what kind of person you are close to, you may become what you will become.

Busylooking for a piece of plus size mother of the bride dresses to flaunt your sexuality? Immediately after buying, you get a peace of mind.

if you want to be more interesting, play with humorous people more;

if you want to be better, spend more time with good people;

you want to change.If you have more money, communicate more with people who can make money.

everyone moves on in their own life journey, and we meet all kinds of different people along the way.

the people who travel with you will have a different impact on you.

the wise will teach you how to think, the stupid will teach you how to make mistakes,

the brave will teach you to move forward, and the timid will lead you to escape.

it's important to choose who you are with. The person around you is what you want to be.


Law of attraction

who you are, you will meet

sometimes you will find that the magnetic field between people is a very magical thing.

even if two people in the same environment, the aura is different, the fate of life will be different.

I have heard such a story.

there is a family that gave birth to twins. Although the eldest and the second look alike, their fates are very different.

the boss is pessimistic, mean and unlucky.

not only does he always encounter all kinds of bad luck, but because he usually offends many people, no one is willing to give him a hand, and every trough takes a long time to come out.

his work did not improve either. He always worked at the bottom and lived a hard life, which made him feel that the world was full of malice.

the character of the second is different. From an early age, he saw that his brother's character was not liked by people, so he deliberately avoided such a weakness.

he likes to find the bright side of things, always smiles when he speaks, and treats others kindly.

miraculously, my brother's fate is completely different.

not only do things go smoothly, but you can get lucky every time you encounter problems, and you often meet dignitaries in your work.

my career is getting better and better. After a few years, I bought a house and settled down in the city, and the whole person became more and more blessed.

the aura of a person is like this. what kind of person you are, what kind of energy you will attract.

in psychology, there is a "victim mentality" concept. What

says is that when a person plays a victim, he is cultivating your victim energy.

in the Law of attraction, the universe fills your life with situations that are "victims".

think about it, it is true that when you think you are a failure, no matter what you do, you will encounter failures large and small.

it's not that life is really going to test you, it's that cosmic energy thinks you want it.

the external embodiment of the Law of attraction is: let the rich meet the rich, and let the scarcity last.

when you go from a "victim" mindset to a "creator" mindset, your world changes again.

if you are grateful, you will attract affluence; if you are optimistic, you will attract good luck; if you believe, you will attract success.

what kind of person you are, what kind of life you will meet.

writer Zhang Defen said in "meeting the unknown self": "there is nothing out there but yourself."

everything you meet is attracted by ourselves and shaped by our hearts.


if you want to attract what kind of person, please first become what kind of person;

if you want to live an ideal life, please first believe that you can live such a life;

if you want to be better, you must adjust the aura and the frequency of life around you.

so here comes the problem. Some people say that the Law of attraction is needed because it has not yet been achieved.

if you can do it, what else do you need the Law of attraction to do?

in fact, what I'm talking about here is not really done, but a state of mind, that is, 100% believe that I can do it.