After the age of 50, the best thing to rely on is the following three people

/August 2022

Li Bai once said, "time waits for no man, but hair must be shredded."

time is fleeting, the blink of an eye has reached the second half of life, people always lived for others in this previous life, and now is the beginning of real life.

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "stand at thirty, not perplexed at forty, and know destiny at fifty."

when people reach fifty, they understand what destiny is and what they cannot do as they please. The whole person becomes peaceful and knows how to let nature take its course.

after the age of 50, the following three people are the best people to rely on if you want to spend your twilight years in peace.


the best thing to rely on is that you

as the saying goes, "relying on mountains will fall, but everyone can run."

when a man reaches fifty, the best backer is himself.

many people think that they can enjoy themselves for the rest of their lives. In fact, no matter how old or senior they are, they are the only ones who can really hold umbrellas in the wind and rain.

there is such a story: a man went to a temple to pray and found that Guanyin was worshiping himself. He was very confused and asked, "Why do you worship yourself?"

Guanyin replied, "I have encountered difficulties, too, but I understand that it is better to ask for help than to ask for yourself."

as the saying goes, "everything suffers, only through it", and people should understand this truth even more in their old age.

if you want to rely on others for everything, you will entrust the focus of your life to others and only put yourself in a passive position.

in addition, at the age of 50, he is the backbone of the family. In addition to taking care of the elderly and the young, they should also take good care of themselves.

Don't wear yourself out because of trivial matters. The most important thing is to take good care of your health.


the most beautiful companion is the wife

some people say: "companionship is the most lasting confession."

after the age of 50, the person who can accompany you the longest in the world is not your parents, not your children, but your wife.

parents will eventually leave you, children will get married and start a career, and it is your wife who will never give up by your side.

in the neighborhood next door, there is a loving old couple who never give up on each other and accompany each other.

after they got married, they lived in harmony and had a happy family, but in the past two years, the old woman unfortunately got Alzheimer's disease, and the old man took good care of it, and taught his wife to play the electronic organ to alleviate the illness.

as the saying goes, "young couples are old partners". The older they are, the more they will discover the importance of their old partners.

especially in their old age, they depend on each other and take care of each other. No one can replace this kind of companionship.

wife is the most precious treasure in life.

people are accompanied because they care, and cherish because of companionship.

learn to cherish the people around you in your old age, because your wife is the one who can accompany you to your old age!


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the greatest blessing is that children

in their lifetime, the greatest blessing is to raise filial children.

the warm lamp of the child is enough to illuminate the rest of our lives. Children are the sweetest burden for all of us, so we don't feel lonely when we think about it.

as the saying goes, "children and grandchildren have their own blessings."

in old age, you don't have to worry too much about your children, and don't devote all your energy to them.

although raising children to prevent old age, the real patron is still oneself after all.

Don't pin all your hopes on your children, don't expect them to retire, be grateful for the happiness and happiness they have brought to your life.

A good life for your children is the greatest comfort and blessing.

but in old age, people should learn to "rely on" their children emotionally. If they have worries and sustenance in their hearts, their days will be more fulfilling.

A person's life, with these three kinds of support, can enjoy the rest of his life and make his old age colorful!