A woman's mouth determines the fate of a family.

/June 2022

as the old saying goes, "good words are warm in three winters."

A person who can talk can always bring warmth to others, while a woman who can talk is more attractive.

the level of speech of a smart woman directly determines the fate of the family.


words do not hurt, families are more harmonious

some people say that language is the sharpest weapon and the fastest scalpel in the world.

the harm of language always hurts people in the invisible, you think it will not exist, but it is everywhere.

the same is true in feelings. When two people are together, even if they fall in love again, if they often say hurtful words, there will be cracks in their affection.

as we all know, Ang Lee is a famous director and a late bloomer, and before he was successful, he stayed at home to write plays after he got married. He often took his works to Hollywood to try his luck, but he hit a brick wall.

during these six years, the daily expenses of the family are supported by the salary of the wife who is studying for a doctor's degree.

because he has never been successful, Ang Lee once lost heart and wanted to give up his dream of becoming a director and planned to learn computer to earn money to support his family.

but his wife said to him, "you have to remember your dream. There are so many people learning computer that you are as good as Ang Lee."

Ang Lee was awakened by his wife's words, and with his wife's full support and encouragement, Ang Lee finally turned against the wind and became famous.

imagine that if Ang Lee had not been supported and spurred by his wife before his success, he had been humiliated and abused by his wife: "you idle eater!" Will there still be Ang Lee today?

once, during an interview with Ang Lee, Lu Yu asked, "what is your greatest happiness at this stage?"

Ang Lee replied, "if my wife smiles at me, I will be very relaxed and happy."

this is the pride of a man in getting a good wife.

stay with your partner, long-term belittling will break the relationship between husband and wife, while constant praise, like a seed, can produce gorgeous roses.

A stupid woman sees only a man's shortcomings and only resentment, which makes a man avoid it.

and smart women have hills in their chest, which is the greatest driving force for men to prosper.

A good woman who can talk is the gentleman of a man and the soul of a family.


blessings come from the mouth.

Buddhists often say: people are good. Although happiness is not yet here, misfortune is far away.

as the saying goes, good fortune comes from the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth. Mouth is the fastest to build karma, and if you act on the spur of the moment, it will offend a lot of people.

on the way of life, if you want to be rich, your mouth must be rich; if your family wants to be lucky, you must have luck in your mouth.

one day, a black taxi driver picked up a white mother and son. On the way to his destination, the child asked his mother, "Why is the skin of the driver's uncle different from ours?"

the mother touched the child's head, smiled and said, "that's because God wants to make the world colorful, so he created people of different colors!"

the child listened to his mother and nodded.

when he arrived at his destination, the black driver was determined not to accept money from the white mother and son, and he said:

as the saying goes, "talking to good people is as warm as cloth."

to utter kind words is to do good karma and cultivate good karma.

Smart women, in life, never open their mouth and embarrass people, but treat others kindly, like a spring breeze.

A woman who can talk often speaks with compassion, makes friends more easily, and her family is more harmonious. Fortune comes naturally.


Women who do not complain are closest to happiness

complaining is a kind of negative energy, just like lifting a stone and dropping it on their own feet, it is not good for others, bad for themselves, and does not help things.

your world is created by you. You are sunshine, your world is full of sunshine;

you have love, you live in love atmosphere;

you are happy, you live in laughter.

similarly, if you complain, criticize, blame and resent every day, you live in hell.

the Buddha also told us: when you think of heaven, you go to hell.

Qian Zhongshu often sighs that he is "clumsy". He doesn't know how to tie a bow, scratches chopsticks like a child, and even can't tell the difference between his left and right feet.

while his wife Yang Jiang was pregnant and in hospital, one day Qian Zhongshu went to the hospital to take care of his wife. As a result, he said to Yang Jiang with a bitter face, "I did something wrong again. I accidentally knocked over the ink bottle and blackened the landlord's tablecloth."

after hearing this, Yang Jiang was not angry but calmly comforted her husband, saying, "never mind, I will wash it."

"but that's ink."

"the ink can also be washed out."

however, after Qian Zhongshu returned home from the hospital, he accidentally knocked over the lamp and the door was broken.

Yang Jiang is still not angry, only said: never mind, "I will fix it."

most women in life would only complain angrily that their husbands are clumsy and clumsy.

but Yang Jiang has a good mindset and takes the initiative to carry the banner of "I'll do what my husband won't do" instead of complaining that she got married wrong and complained about her husband's incompetence.

under the tolerance and magnanimity of Yang Jiang, the life of a family of three is interesting, lifeless, without sorrow, and full of happiness.

A good family is to get rid of complaints. Once you complain about your partner, there are loopholes in the family relationship, and it's hard to fix it.

Mr. Yang Jiang, use theA lifetime of time, gave us the best demonstration.

know that life is a mirror. If you smile at it, it smiles at you; if you cry to it, it cries to you.

Women who can talk will never complain, because they know that complaining is the most meaningless thing in the world, and it has no effect except to add to their hearts and bring negative energy to their families.

Smart women turn negative forces into upward forces, with light in their hearts and love in their eyes, but no complaints.

A woman who complains will change herself from a beauty to a complaining woman.

Women who do not complain will always be happy and embrace happiness. Naturally, they will get closer and closer to happiness, and their families will become more and more prosperous.


A woman's mouth determines the feng shui of a family

once heard such a saying:

but the fortune of a woman's life is actually hidden in her mouth.

A woman who can talk will have good luck all her life.

because they never say hurtful things to their loved ones, don't say useless things at work, don't say mean things to friends, and don't complain to everyone.

to accumulate morality is to accumulate blessings for yourself.

A woman who can talk decides the fate of her family.

because they not only have good intentions, but also can turn a blunt knife into a continuous drizzle that moistens the heart.

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make people feel like a spring breeze, but also win their own praise and good fortune, but also win the happiness of the family.

in short, a woman who can talk will not only win blessings for herself, but also create blessings for her family!