A two-and-a-half-year-old child was held and killed by his father, watching and crying countless people: you never know how much your child loves you.

/June 2022

recently I saw a piece of terrible news.

on August 20, in Baoji, Shaanxi Province, a man was so angry that he held their biological flesh and blood high above his head and slammed into the sofa after an argument with his girlfriend.

the child was only two and a half years old and was so scared that others were heartbroken, but the father only cared about venting his anger and did not even show a trace of love.

what is even more infuriating is that later, the Baoji Public Security Bureau issued an official announcement:

the child who was thrown into the sofa by his father has died after being rescued by the hospital.

I have to sigh: it's terrible to have such a father on the stand. Cursing animals, I am too light!

this is not the first time something similar has happened.

there are many unscrupulous parents in life. They may not make the crazy behavior of the father in the video, but they also hurt innocent children in their own way.

everyone knows that every child is an angel given to his parents, unreservedly releasing the love in his heart.

as long as you give him a point, he will give you 100 points back.

Open your eyes. You never know how much your child loves you.


the kindergarten conducted an earthquake escape drill.

after the little boy was evacuated to the playground,

suddenly burst into tears and

kept saying "Mom".

it turns out that the child takes the exercise seriously, and

he is worried that his mother will not be able to get out at home.

until the teacher told him that

mother had been evacuated safely.

he smiled through tears and asked

"is Mom really safe?"

the child's world is always simple,

because the mother is the only girl in the family,

he wants to be the Altman who can protect his mother.

the sky is falling,

all wish I could be with my mother.


A child who can't walk yet

after his mother goes to work,

slowly climbs to the wedding photo of his parents and leaves a gentle kiss.

this kiss touched the hearts of Mom and Dad.

although I can't speak yet,

I know that

Mom and Dad are the people who love me the most in the world.


while eating,

the mother suddenly wanted to test her child.

so she deliberately put the child's favorite sausage,

, into her own bowl.

thought the child would be unhappy, but the child gave all the sausages in his bowl

to his mother.

as long as you want,

as long as I have,

do what I can, do what I can.

just because mom, you are the person I love most.



wants to jump off a building with her child because of her husband's affair.

the baby hugged the mother tightly,

cried to comfort the mother:

"Mom, don't pull me, I'll jump by myself."

Mom, it's not that I'm not afraid of death.

it's just that

I'm willing to accompany you regardless of life or death.

even if the whole world betrays you,

and I love you.


the boy wants to use his only 8800 yuan of lucky money to buy a diamond ring for his mother.

Mother is reluctant to give up,

but the child insists on buying it.

in order to dissuade the child,

the mother deliberately chose a ring of more than 50,000 yuan, and

wanted him to back down.

as soon as the boy saw that there was not enough money,

he burst into tears:

Choosing one of our sweet 16 dresses shows your outstanding fashion sense. Our collections will surely cater for all kinds of tastes.

"all my classmates' mothers have diamond rings,

my mother doesn't,

I want to buy it for my mother."

in his heart,

Mom deserves the best things, and

you should have what other mothers have,

because I don't want you to envy others.


seeing her father's sweaty work,

the little girl staggered to feed her father a mouthful of watermelon.

Dad said something romantic:

"she put the watermelon to my mouth, which is better than all the sweetness this summer."

I know that Dad works hard for us,

for our family,

I can't help much.

this watermelon is my first reward.


the little boy accompanied his mother to the hospital.

when he saw the doctor taking out a long needle,

cried and stopped:

"Don't stab my mother, my mother is afraid of pain."

because of the pain of the injection,

I don't want my mother to suffer the pain,

if I can, let me bear the pain for my mother.

Children are much kinder, braver and love you more than we thought.


the little girl riding an electric bike carrying her sister was stopped by the traffic police.

asked her why she was not accompanied by adults.

the little girl cried and said:

"my mother is ill in the hospital.

I want to bring some cash.

make up for her.Son, buy something to eat. "

the traffic police said it was too dangerous to let them go.

the little girl cried anxiously: "only 7.2 kilometers away!"

7.2 km,

this is the closest distance to my mother.

knowing that I will be scolded for doing so,

but I want to see with my own eyes if she is all right.

every child,

is a little angel who protects the health and happiness of his parents.


Mom suddenly has a stomachache on the road.

she is going to give birth, and her condition is critical.

the boy was worried about his mother,

turned around in a hurry,

finally met the driver to stop,

unexpectedly knelt down to him.

it is said that men have gold under their knees,

but for the safety of my mother, I have no regrets.

this is the greatest sincerity I can think of.


the mother extends her foot to the baby.

the baby unexpectedly consciously lifts his sweater,

warms her feet.

can't be my mother's intimate little cotton-padded jacket,

be my mother's little sun.

with me as a "warm baby",

Mom is no longer afraid of the cold!