A smart mother gives her child nine principles of life, which are worth seeing.

/July 2022

in the process of children's growth, parents play a very important role, a good mother determines a family's feng shui, and even determines the trajectory of the child's life.

the best starting line for children is their parents.

parents' knowledge, knowledge, and educational methods have a far-reaching impact on their children. if they want to cultivate a good child, they must first become a good mother.

the nine principles of life given to her child by a smart mother are worth seeing.


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Don't try to fight for the first place in everything

We always encourage our children to win the first place, but forget to teach them to accept failure.

the child wins the first place, the parents boast, the child fails in the exam, and the child criticizes, which is actually transmitting the wrong values to the child.

there are people outside the sky, no one is always the first, children have what he is good at, there are things he is not good at.

as long as you keep making your own efforts, you will naturally become a winner. If you strive for the first place in everything, you will have a lot less fun.


if you help others, you will become stronger

people not only compete with each other, but also help each other.

to help others is to help yourself. don't be afraid that others are better than you. Everyone has his own advantages and disadvantages. He may not understand what you will, and you may not be good at it.

things interact with each other. If you tell him two more questions, you will deepen your understanding of the knowledge points.

Don't just immerse yourself in problems, but communicate more with others, help others solve problems, and exercise your thinking more.


treat people sincerely

, seldom sincerely.

be sincere to your parents, don't lie, tell your parents what difficulties you encounter in study and life, and don't hold it back by yourself.

treat teachers sincerely, some knowledge points will be will, will not, can not pretend to understand, in learning to be honest, do not make face swollen and fat.

treat good friends sincerely, don't cheat, don't take advantage of, don't be selfish.


one porridge, one rice, one porridge, one rice.

from an early age, we should form the habit of saving food and treat food in awe.

abundance comes from hard work and frugality, and you should act according to your ability, whether you eat at home or at school.

We should resolutely abandon the bad habit of extravagance and waste, and be a good student, starting from cherishing one porridge and one meal.


there is no rehearsal in life

there can be 59 points in the examination room of the school, and there can be many tests in a semester, but there are only a few critical moments in life. Laziness, failure and starting all over again are not allowed in the examination room of life.

every step of life is about the future, one wrong step, one wrong step.

Don't live with the attitude of game life, you should pursue a quality life, a high quality life.


Virtue is a flower that never fades.

ability determines how fast one can go, and virtue determines how far one goes.

No matter how good your grades are, no matter how strong your ability is, if your moral character is bad, no one is willing to ask you to do anything. Virtue and talent is a person's best pass.

Virtue is the most beautiful thing in the world. Everyone likes to associate with people with good moral character. The world likes to reward those who have both ability and political integrity.


Health is the greatest wealth of life

Life is fragile, it can't stand trouble, it can't afford to waste. A young body is like a new car that just started. If you don't take good care of it at first, there will be many problems in the later stage, even to the point of irretrievable.

the body is the same, usually there is no regular diet habits, for a long time, it will be eaten back by bad habits.

We must remember that health is a person's greatest wealth. With health, there is everything.


learn to protect yourself

the world is beautiful, but there are also sinister things. You must learn to protect yourself and avoid accidental injuries to your body as much as possible at all times.

the teachers and parents urged them to pay attention to safety and not to play with fire out of curiosity. This is irresponsible to their parents and even more joking with their own lives.

if you are aggrieved outside the school, you must tell your parents that they can solve the problem.


learn to vent emotions

people will be reunited and separated, the moon will be full and missing, it is normal for men to cry, but not to the sad place, if there is grievance in the heart, let it out.

maturity does not mean that there is no emotion, but to treat emotion correctly and learn to control it.

cry if you want, but pay attention to the occasion.

parents are the best teachers for their children, and there must be a pair of excellent parents behind excellent children. Parents must tell their children the above nine principles.