A person's life's luck is hidden in this word.

/November 2022

when you live a lifetime, you don't need to compare yourself with anyone. The only thing you need to do is to make your life full and full of texture.

career education expert Classical in his book what is possible in your Life, he puts forward four degrees of career: height, width, depth and temperature.

these four dimensions determine a person's pattern and background.



stand high and see farther

in 1953, a boy named Wang Yi was born in an ordinary family in Beijing.

after graduating from high school, 17-year-old Wang Yi became a correspondent in the Northeast Construction Corps.

training during the day, sending and receiving documents, and at night, all his comrades-in-arms had a rest, but Wang Yi taught himself Japanese and read world classics and literature under the dim oil lamp.

day after day, no one is slack off.

some people wonder, what's the use of learning this?

some people even doubt that he is withdrawn, loner and unsociable.

Wang Yi never took these voices to heart.

he wants to set a high track for his life.

when the college entrance examination was resumed in 1977, Wang Yi, 25, was admitted to the Japanese major of Beijing second Foreign Studies University with excellent grades, just in time for the last wave of college enrollment age.

when he was in college, he had more time to concentrate on his studies and his knowledge reserve grew by leaps and bounds.

when he graduated, the other students could only hand in one paper, and he handed in two papers of such high quality that it was difficult for even the teacher to comment on them.

after graduating from university, Wang Yi joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and became a clerk.

while working and studying, he got a master's degree in economics from Nankai University and studied for a doctorate all the way.

it took Wang Yi 19 years to move from an ordinary clerk to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Why can he do it?

because of cognitive height.

he has always believed that knowledge can change fate, and lofty ideals can bring surging power.

thanks to this, our diplomatic regiment has this popular figure.

We often say: "thought determines action, action determines destiny."

and the cognitive height determines our thinking.

there are great differences between people, not in birth and status, but only in vision and cognition.

if your cognition only stays on the ground beneath your feet, no matter how you go, you can't get out of the circle you have drawn.

only by raising your head and looking into the distance can you lock the road to heaven.


depth  bury your head and use your heart to achieve the ultimate

the best achievement in life is to find the direction of your heart and persist in ploughing for it until the fruit remains.

achieve perfection and excellence in a field you love.

Chang Shuhong, the patron saint of Dunhuang, perfectly explains this.

in 1927, Chang Shuhong went to France to study oil painting. His works won many awards and were collected by French museums.

once, when he was wandering the streets of Paris, he came across a catalogue of Dunhuang Grottoes, in which he was both curious and sorry for the dilapidated Dunhuang murals.

in 1936, he decided to give up his comfortable life in Paris and return to guard Dunhuang.

he walked into Dunhuang with his wife and children.

the conditions there are extremely difficult, covered by sand and dust, and camped out in the wind.

in order to buy firewood, rice, oil and salt and restore paint paper and pens for murals, I walked 30 kilometers on a pair of legs, commuting between the Mogao Grottoes and urban and rural areas.

live in earth caves and eat white noodles with alkaline water when you are hungry. Salt pickles are rare.

the poor living conditions made the wife unbearable and left without telling her.

Chang Shuhong stayed.

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together with a group of like-minded people, he is strictly loyal to the style of the original painting and carefully painted more than 800 copies, covering a total area of more than 600 square meters.

from his arrival in Dunhuang in 1943 to his death in 1994, he spent 50 years guarding Dunhuang.

this persistent pursuit and selfless struggle is the best embodiment of the depth of life.

people without depth dig wells everywhere, dabble in them, and eventually fail to dig out a clear spring, wasting their time and wasting their lives.

people with depth take root in their careers, have no distractions, take a thing to the extreme, achieve fame, and remain famous for generations.

to be a man, you must have depth, and only by being determined and persistent can you show the perseverance and tenacity of life.

it takes courage to forge ahead in order to dig out the bright treasures of life.



in order to enrich life

between the height and depth of life, there is another dimension: width.

height is like mountaineering, the higher the height, the less the position.

depth is like digging a hole, the deeper it is, the fewer bosom friends there are.

the width can expand more possibilities, accommodate more experiences, and make the life experience more heavy and full of texture.

in Beishan Park in Jilin Province, a grandmother with roller skating shoes and a water bottle fish tank on her head is often seen skating.

she is Granny Wu Xiuying, 75.

A rare age in ancient times, not to mention roller skating, most old people stumble when they walk in flat shoes.

when asked about her experience of learning roller skating, Grandma Wu said that at the age of 57, she found cancer in a physical examination.

at that time, I was very desperate, thinking that life was not long, so it would be better to spend more time with my family and children.

in the process of learning roller skating with grandson, WuGrandma fell in love with the sport.

in 2017, after a period of professional training, Granny Wu climbed Mount Tai in roller skating at the age of 70.

now 75 years old, she plans to learn trendy skateboarding again.

from cancer patients to roller skaters, from 57 to 75 years old, Granny Wu not only extended the length of life, but also broadened the core of life.

Haruki Murakami said: "I may lose, or I may lose myself, or I may not be able to get anywhere. One thing is clear. At least I have something worth waiting for and worth seeking."

there is more than one side of life, we should be good at finding the hidden eggs of fate.

people live a lifetime, not limited by the so-called fate, not locked by age identity, bravely broaden themselves, accept more roles, and try more joys and sorrows in order to precipitate a rich and full state of mind.




Life is never just brilliant, but I like to laugh. I like the fresh and bright air. I would like to be like tea, leaving bitterness in my heart, emitting fragrance. "

whether life is hot or cold depends on the temperature we treat it.

Han (Zhao Han), a knowledgeable elder sister with tens of millions of fans on the short video website, tells about her experience growing up in her new book, interpretation.

as an authentic Beijing girl, Zhao Han is optimistic and cheerful, always smiling in front of the camera, sunny, confident and charming.

No one knows that along the way, she has also suffered many frustrations and setbacks.

since childhood, she was isolated and bullied by her classmates because she was fat. She could not bear it but to resist.

A car accident led to atlantoaxial subluxation. She once experienced lower limb paralysis, unable to take care of herself, and needed her husband to change her diapers.

she suffers from congenital hyperlipidemia, long-term medication leads to elevated blood sugar, the body is always uncomfortable, often need to prepare a rebao on the body.

in order to make a living, she worked as a journalist, worked behind the scenes, and struggled in the financial circle.

now she is a reader promoter.

the original intention of doing this is to help those who want to read but cannot complete a book. She abstracts the essence of the book and shares it with them.

because of the illness, Zhao Han is more considerate to others, more willing to express love and convey warmth.

in the face of the blow imposed by fate, she calmly accepted it instead of complaining. "after recognizing the truth of life, she still loves life."

she healed herself with courage and open-mindedness and lived a real and passionate life.

she says in her book: "I want to lend you all the light I have groped out in the dark all these years, even if it is just to make you take less detours and shed one less tear."

We can't decide the temperature of the outside world, but we can choose to be a person with temperature.

be a warm-hearted person, neither feeling the coolness of the world, nor complaining that the hearts of the people are out of date, live well and warm others.


four dimensions, tamping your life pattern

height, depth, width and temperature determine the pattern of a person's life.

people with height go further, because those who aim at the top of the mountain will not covet the scenery on the hillside;

people with depth will persevere, because they will be able to keep the clouds open and see the moon for a long time;

people with width will be brave and fearless, because they will find more possibilities in life because they are self-broadening.

people with temperature will bring their own light, because they have warm sunshine in their hearts, and they will always be kind and loving life.

these four dimensions not only hide where we come from, but also herald our way back.

the ancients said, "the unity of knowledge and practice."