A person's greatest ability is a good character.

/October 2022


I have heard the saying: "No matter what you do, the last thing you spell is character."

once I didn't quite understand this sentence.

because there are too many factors that determine win or lose and success or failure.

but in the end, I found that character seems to be the most inconspicuous, but it is one of the most important bottom lines and principles.

at work, they may be honest and honest, do things conscientiously, and seem to suffer losses in a short period of time, but in the long run, such people are the easiest to win the trust of others and the easiest opportunities for promotion.

in life, a person is generous, always seems to be taken advantage of by others, and always loses some small benefits, but over time, we are more willing to deal with such people and are more willing to make friends with them.

in a relationship, we often start with good looks, like someone, get stuck in talent and get close to someone, but in the end we choose to be with the person with a good heart.

maybe we used to ignore the importance of character.

because it doesn't bring you seemingly tangible benefits.

but later I gradually realized that without a good character, no matter how strong the ability is, no matter how high the skill is, no matter how great the ability is, it is futile.


many times, when we evaluate a person, it may be difficult to regard good character as a so-called bright spot and advantage.

We care more about whether a person is successful in a certain field, and whether they have outstanding talents and abilities.

but slowly you will find that a good character is the foundation of a person.

it's like building a house.

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when the foundation is solid, one can go farther, fly higher and have a brighter future.

if the foundation is not solid, even if high-rise buildings are built, the earth will certainly shake.

at work, people with strong abilities can be found everywhere, but those who go farthest in the end often have good character and quality.

in life, smart people grab a lot of them. But people who really win the trust of others must be generous and kind.

there are not a few talented people in the relationship. But the person you finally decide to hold hands must be able to withstand the test and temptation.

A good character may not be the icing on the cake.

but without it, it will not only make it difficult for you to move, but may even cost you even more.


I have read such a passage: "on the surface, the competition between people is house, car and face, but the core should be resources, circle and ability. In essence, it is value, thinking and character. "

you will find that character is put last, as if it is the least important and the most important.

because there is no good character, everything else may be lost. But with a good character, everything else has a chance to earn.

if a person has a good character, he will try his best to do a good job, to be considerate and kind to them, and to cherish the people around him.

but if he loses his kindness, awe, and the bottom line and principles of dealing with others, no matter how successful he is, he will eventually fall from high ground.

A person can certainly pursue a better job, a better life, and even live the life he wants.

but wherever you go, don't lose your character.

because the trust of others, the opportunities given to you by good luck, and even the blessings given to you by God are all based on good character.

once you lose your character, everything will come to nothing.

sometimes, even one mistake can cause lifelong and irreparable regret.

sometimes, even if you go the wrong way only once, it is bound to put an indelible black on your life.

sometimes, even if you do something you shouldn't do once, it will be difficult to make up for the harm and pain you have caused to others and yourself.

be a man and do things: you can't lose anything without kindness, without conscience without anything, and without character without anything.

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