A mother wrote a letter to her rebellious son. Anyone with a child must read it to her child.

/June 2022

son, I am writing to you for three reasons:

you are standing on the node of your life: looking back, you are quietly slipping away from your childhood, moving forward, and the curtain of youth slowly opens to you.

there are some things that we won't tell you, no one will tell you.

agree with each other: let's work hard, you study hard, and no one will let anyone worry about it.


about goals

people can have no great ideals, but they can't lose their goals.

under a lifelong system, no matter how hard, hard and powerful you usually are, as long as you fail in the exam, you will be eliminated!

you should understand that too much homework, heavy schoolbags and studying day and night is not the ruthlessness of adults, but the cruel reality!


about positioning

at home, all the only children are little emperors, but at school, there are so many emperors that no one will take you seriously!

unless your grades are better, your talents are better, your performance is better, and the teacher thinks you are a treasure.

the same is true of society. In the future, you will be responsible for whether you want to be rich or poor, live in a bungalow or a villa, and be looked down upon or respected by others.


about learning

in school, learning is the main, but not the only, good study but poor physique, which is no different from "reading, the more you read, the more you read."

when having a party among classmates, there are comparisons: 20-year-old education, 30-year-old ability, 40-year-old experience, 50-year-old financial strength, 60-year-old physical strength, 70-year-old medical history, 80-year-old history.

decades of life, in the final analysis, than the body, son, good exercise.


about the future

A person's future is determined by knowledge, ability and attitude.

knowledge can be acquired through learning, ability can also be increased in practice, while attitude is formed by habit.

you sometimes lack perseverance in the cultivation of good habits. Now, it's not too late to get the attitude right.

in the future, I hope what you do will benefit both yourself and others.


about yourself

in school, teachers have no obligation to be nice to you, unless you respect the teacher first, and your classmates have no obligation to care about you, unless you care about your classmates first.

in your life, no one has an obligation to be nice to you, except me and your father.

Don't think that the world can't turn without you, and don't give up and abandon yourself because you are small.


about friends

making friends is like investing. Of course, you should consider the return on your investment. if you find a friend and your friend doesn't give you a return in the end, it can only prove that your investment has failed.

you should make friends with people who are stronger than you, especially remember that when a friend is in trouble, be sure to lend a helping hand.

because those who have laughed with themselves are easy to forget, and those who have cried with them are the most unforgettable. This is that giving charcoal in the snow is more meaningful than putting the icing on the cake.


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about falling in love

one day, you will fall in love. As an experienced person, I would like to advise: walking under the moon before flowers is always beautiful, sweet words are even more charming, but don't forget that there are wind, frost, rain and snow in reality.

Love is nothing more than that-you love her, she doesn't love you, she loves you, you don't love her, you and she love each other. The third scenario is undoubtedly fascinating, but the probability is less than 10%.

therefore, don't look forward to the beauty of love too much, and don't exaggerate the sadness of being lovelorn.

shake hands with beautiful women, talk to profound women, communicate more with successful women, and live with ordinary women. That's the kind of psychology, that's all.


about distance

as parents, everyone yearns for a shorter distance from their children, but as your children grow up, the sky that belongs to you will certainly become wider and wider, and the distance between space and time with your parents will certainly become farther and farther.

parents, of course, especially care about how much space they can occupy in the sky!

because the sky of parents is just the opposite of that of their children-it becomes smaller and smaller as they get older.

I, ordinary people, also have popular feelings and care about whether you are always around.

son, parents are in love with each other. Can you read it?


about gains and losses

A person cannot be satisfied or frustrated forever.

when you are proud, you should wake up. There are too many people in the world who are better than yourself, so you should remember your smallness.

when you are frustrated, do not flinch, stick to it: how you came through in the past, just walk there now.


about relatives

relatives have only one fate. In this life, even if I can't accompany you all the way, I will always want to protect you from the wind and rain in times of wind and rain!

even if I am incompetent to fight side by side with you, I will always want to share the pain with you in times of difficulties and obstacles.

in this life, no matter how long we will get along with you, please cherish the time together. In the next life, no matter whether you love or not, you may never see each other again.

about puberty, there are 20 practical suggestions:

generally speaking, when children enter puberty, most of them will show all kinds of rebellious emotions and do some rebellious things.

many parents will blame their children, but in fact, parents should not always look for their children's problems, but should also reflect and review themselves.

Adolescent childrenChildren are sensitive and fragile, at this time, how should parents respond?

these 20 suggestions are given to you.

1. Do a good parent-child relationship, equal communication, the topic is not limited to study and homework, more encouragement, less scolding.

2. Let the child talk as much as possible, you be the listener, don't arbitrarily make decisions for the child, teach more methods, and don't give the results directly.

3. Keep the phone numbers of at least three teachers in order to know your child's school situation from multiple angles.

4. Keep the phone numbers of at least two classmates and one parent. The child has been away for too long and can contact people at any time.

5. Pay regular attention to your child's schoolbag and find things that have nothing to do with learning to arouse vigilance.

6. Pay attention to how often children make friends and how often they use mobile phones and computers.

7. Get together with friends, drink and sing, and try not to let the children be present.

8. Don't complain about life, work, right and wrong in front of your children.

9. Don't play mobile phone, computer, games or mahjong for a long time in front of your children.

10. Have a ceremonial conversation with your child once a week. Summarize and plan everything. Don't be in a state of disorder.

11. Focus on your child's grades, but you can't just look at your scores, but you should look at changes and improvements.

12. Don't talk about the school and the teacher in front of the child. Communicate with the teacher if you have any problems.

13. If it is not a special case, it is best not to call the school leader over the level, and the child's problems should be communicated directly with the teacher.

14. Don't act arbitrarily, arrange everything for children according to the wishes of adults, be good at being a quiet audience, just watch and applaud.

15. Do not take the place of everything. If there are conflicts between children and classmates, it is best to encourage them to solve them on their own.

16. Encourage children to read, exercise, go hiking and do public welfare, instead of being confined to a fighting room, the world is small in vision and small in mind.

17. If you are not very busy, spend your leisure time with your children, and having dinner together is also a kind of education.

18. At all times, we should respect the independent personality of children and talk to them on an equal footing.

19. Parents' educational concepts should be highly consistent to help children establish correct values and values of right and wrong. Never suspect and argue in front of your children. The way parents get along is the best textbook.

20. Never take the weaknesses of your children to compare their strengths with those of others. Appreciation and encouragement can make them full of confidence.