A mother laid down 10 family rules for her child and hit moments, which should be used for reference by all parents.

/June 2022

as we all know, on the road of education, it is the parents who should not be lazy and the children who should not be released.

but how to educate children is a difficult problem for parents.

and a mother laid down these 10 rules for her child.

contains all aspects of the child's growth process, which can be used for reference by all parents.


greet acquaintances first, which is the most basic politeness

the Analects of Confucius says: "if you don't learn etiquette, you can't stand."

means that it is difficult to do things without learning etiquette and politeness.

and educating children to be polite reflects not only their own self-cultivation, but also the tutoring of the whole family.

but the most common thing is that the more parents force their children to say hello, the more they flinch and hide behind them.

in the end, parents can only put the blame on their children: "the child is just impolite," and the child becomes more introverted.

but in fact, there is no need to force children to develop the habit of "meeting and saying hello".

parents should first set an example of being polite and kind to others.

Children will naturally form good habits under the influence of osmosis.


pay attention to the volume of speaking in public

Don't disturb others

when it comes to the holiday, the place where parents like to take their children is the shopping mall.

cool and comfortable, there are all kinds of interesting toys, children are happy, parents are also relaxed.

but when people around them whisper to take care of noisy children, parents retort that "children are like this."

it is children's nature to be free and lively.

but no one likes a child who makes a scene in public.

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as parents, they have the responsibility and compulsory education to abide by the basic social rules.

everyone has the right to enjoy a quiet environment and not to disturb the people around them at will.

this is not only to abide by the public truth, but also a compulsory course for children to step into society.

if you don't educate your children now, society will educate your children for you one day.


what I don't want to say to my mother, say to my father

what I don't want to say to my father, say

to my mother, but I can't say

some parents once asked me:

but in my opinion, most of the bad feelings between parents and children are due to the mistrust of parent-child relationship.

Children are naturally reluctant to speak because they don't get the listening and response they deserve from their parents.

A good parent-child relationship is mutual trust.

We not only have to tell our children, but we can tell our parents everything.

also pay attention to the correct expression in the process of communicating with your child.

parents trust their children fully before they trust their parents.

the starting point of family education is equal and effective communication between the two sides.


honesty is the most precious quality

lying makes you lose friends and family

A child lying is an inevitable experience in the process of growing up, and does not represent moral problems.

but we can't let it go and ignore the lies.

when a child is found to be lying, parents should find the motive behind the lie.

correctly guide children and help them get rid of the bad habit of lying.

Let them know that only children who are honest and trustworthy will be liked and trusted by everyone.

but parents should tell their children that honesty is the most basic principle.


be punctual and don't be late

is a big taboo in interpersonal communication.

people who don't have the concept of time often give people the impression that they are unreliable and miss a lot of good opportunities.

if children are not punctual when they are young, let alone expect them to correct themselves when they grow up.

therefore, we should help children establish a correct concept of time and develop good habits in time.

this is not only a sign that children are responsible for themselves, but also show respect for others.

only by taking control of time can children control their own lives.


if you cause trouble to others, be sure to apologize

Don't underestimate this detail. Even adults don't necessarily have the courage to admit their mistakes.

on the contrary, there are many excuses to cover it up.

so many things, education from childhood is really necessary.

it's not that hard to say "I'm sorry" for your own mistakes.

taking the initiative to admit mistakes is not only easier to gain understanding from others, but also part of EQ education.

but parents also need to be patient and rational enough to accompany their children to correct and grow up.

you teach the child to change, so that the child can get better day by day.


all food is precious and should not be wasted

A few days ago, Ye Xuan exposed his experience of eating other people's leftovers on the program.

it turned out that when she saw the guests at the next table in the restaurant, one of the vegetables barely moved and felt very wasteful.

and this move has won the admiration of everyone.

as the writer Li Yue said:

behind cherishing food is respect for labor and gratitude for life.

to teach children not to waste food is not only a kind of upbringing, but also our necessary ideas and actions.


try my best toDo what you want to do

Don't care too much about the results

We must admit that children's love for their parents is unconditional, but parents' love for their children is conditional.

you should be clever and sensible, you should study hard, and you should follow the path we planned.

and children have been trying to act like their parents and live up to their parents' expectations.

but we all forget that every child is an individual, not an accessory of his or her parents.

they have their own way to go and their own dreams to fulfill.

the best love parents can give their children is to learn to let go when it's time to let go.

tell your child to go all out to do what you want to do and try to live every day.

it doesn't matter if the road ahead is difficult. I'm always behind you.


without comparing with others, each person is unique

is more like reminding parents of themselves.

because the root of children's comparison lies in their parents.

China Youth Daily once conducted a survey, and the results showed that

83.4% of the parents surveyed would compare their children with other people's children.

parents think that "comparative" education can motivate their children to make progress.

but the fact is that while parents affirm other children, they also keep denying their own children.

where do children have the confidence to be the best they can be?

educator Sukhomlinski once said:

they are all stars falling from the earth, emitting a unique light.


when you are in danger, you don't have to obey any rules

because life is the most precious

We teach our children to obey the rules and have a sense of order.

all this is based on the premise that the child is in a safe environment.

but it is undeniable that sometimes we can reduce unnecessary conflicts and injuries without teaching our children to follow the rules.

in many places we can't see, children may be in danger.

therefore, when we teach our children to be on guard against safety, we should also teach them to protect themselves.

when your life is threatened, you don't have to be patient and retrogressive.

Don't put other people's lives above your own.

because nothing is more important than self-protection.

your safety and health is the best reward for your parents.

some people say that being a parent is a spiritual practice.

but educating children requires a lifetime of painstaking efforts from parents.

although we can't see the result of our child's final growth, we can guide our child to a better future through the process.