A man who can't coax his wife is out of his mind.

/August 2022


two days ago, an old classmate of mine quarreled with his girlfriend and told me about the causes and consequences. He asked me what to do. Usually, two people hit it off, and we can't break up because of such a trifle.

I said, "Don't you just get it done?" How simple it is. "

he said with a stubborn and aggrieved face: "I'm right, why coax?" She's unreasonable! "

I patted him on the head, sighed to him and said, "are you out of your mind?"

in fact, men like my classmates can be found everywhere, and we can't say that they are not good men, nor can we say that they are not worthy of being entrusted for life.

however, in the words of girls, it is: yes, you are good at everything, but it can make the old lady angry!

I think of the "Strange Theory" I saw last week. Chen Ming, a model of a good husband, simply expressed the feelings of thousands of female compatriots.

once, his wife came home, opened the door and saw that his shoes were not arranged neatly, so she called Chen Ming over angrily and "blamed" him for not putting his shoes in order.

at this time, Chen Ming did not get angry or defend himself. Instead, he kicked off his shoes and said to his wife, "who made you angry today?" It's too much. I'll go to him tomorrow and ask him to apologize to you! "

look, this is the model standard answer!

so Chen Ming said so, does his wife really want him to get even with the person who made her angry?

obviously not. However, when Chen Ming says this sentence, his wife's heart will certainly soften in an instant, go to her husband's side and begin to pour bitter water. At this time, she will lose all aggressiveness and regard her husband as her back, hoping to get her husband's support and heartache.

so, when women start to "make trouble for no reason", do not distinguish between right and wrong, you coax, you can resolve the contradiction, the world is peaceful, but also can warm up feelings, why not do it?


when your wife complains, arrogantly, and sulks, as a man, you must stick to three principles:

first, whom do you scold by your wife?

2. Firmly support your wife's position and don't deny her.

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3. Don't preach the truth.

so, when a woman starts to complain and you scold her together, she will feel better.

as for the truth behind the matter, she doesn't want to know at all, because she just wants to vent her feelings with the man she loves most. That's all!

the anger suffered by his wife outside, as a woman for her own safety and can not stir up trouble, the unfair treatment she encountered, in her life, can not put everything on the table. At this time, she does not talk to you, who will she talk to?

if she wants to hear the truth, then go to Baidu's "ten thousand ways not to be angry", which is more logical than you.

in fact, most women are precocious than men, and at the same age, they understand the truth more thoroughly than men.

just like I sent Xiao Jiang Huan and his girlfriend:

Girl: "A woman in our office is running on me every day. Is she sick?"

(the average man's answer is stupid: "Don't worry about others, maybe you're thinking too much?" Just do your own job, the boss will find your ability. " Who doesn't understand this? )

Jiang Huan: she is really sick.

Girl: I should have gone back at that time. Do you think I should fight her in the future?

Jiang Huan: I support you against her.

Girl: well, what if I can't beat her?

Jiang Huan: then when you come back to me, I will not answer back. After hearing this sentence, not only am I not angry anymore, I also fried Jiang Huanduo a poached egg for dinner as a token of commendation.

you see, in life, a man will coax his wife, will add a lot of interest, a lot of negative things, a man coax, will become a very lovely moment.

if you can't learn such advanced coaxing, please refer to the three principles, which are absolutely useful.


then, a girl asked me: what if my boyfriend is the kind of person who is very dull and doesn't know how to talk?

I said, "you can't say it, can't you do it yet?"

one of my college classmates is Liang Yu, who is always stupid. I talked about a girlfriend some time ago, and the girls always disliked him for being dull. Once a girl came to her period and had a stomachache and a cold sweat at night.

Liang Yu made brown sugar tea overnight, went to the convenience store to buy a warm baby and sent it to her.

the girl was very moved and posted to her moments saying: action is the best way to coax and spoil.

there may be girls who may ask: what if he just has a hard mouth and refuses to open his mouth?

I once saw a tweet that went crazy on Twitter:

I think it's more than cute.

therefore, many men say that they are stupid and will not cajole others, but they are actually excuses.

can't you take action if you have a clumsy mouth and can't say love words?

actions speak louder than a thousand words. Not everyone has the talent for language, but everyone has the ability to act. I hope you are not the one who lags behind.

there are many ways to coax your wife, it doesn't have to be hot and intense, the most important thing is whether you coax her or spoil her heart.


some men, when his wife says to him, "Why are your shoes in such a position?" he can immediately explode. He can either answer back and say that there is something wrong with the shoes, or groan to put the shoes away and give his wife a dirty face.

in fact, in most cases, women complain to you and sulk with you for no reason.Get angry outside, or have something on your mind. I hope you can find her mood. I hope you can show your tenderness at the critical moment.

A woman takes it out on you and has a quarrel with you. You have to tell the truth and tell the difference between right and wrong. What's more, just like my classmate, who is unwilling to be soft for a little bit of self-esteem, I can only say to you: brother, you are really out of your mind.

Women talk to you about feelings, not reason. Women want your active concern, not quarrels with you.

the best relationship is that you cry, I coax, you make fun, I spoil you. When I am lost, I have your company, and when I am successful, I have you to share.

there are countless little things in love that are never right or wrong.

male compatriots as long as remember, can be coaxed, do not use quarrelling.

if you insist on distinguishing right from wrong, you might as well break up and be a brother. If you become a brother, you can get even clearly, can't you?

so, I can't coax my wife. It's an illness that can be cured.