A man owes only two people in his life.

/June 2022

you don't owe anyone in this life, so you really don't need to please anyone.

your life is given to you by your parents, you grow up, you are raised by your parents, each of us is the treasure of our parents, no one is worthy of our humility!

in this life, I only owe two people: father and mother.



in this world, there are conditions for others to be kind to you, and only what our parents give to us is nothing.

it is natural for parents to love their children. Whether you have money or not, he loves you. Whether you are a senior official or a civilian, he treats you the same.

when you are away from home, people care about what you do and how much money you make. Only your parents care about whether you are tired or not and whether life is difficult or not.

what others care about is the benefits you bring, and what parents care about is your inner joys and sorrows.

in this world, only parents will feel sorry for you when you fail and say to you: go home when you are tired, you still have your parents.

parents are always the backers of their children, and even if they are old, they can't let go of their children.


the most important thing in our lives is filial piety. Filial piety is the most important thing in our lives.

especially when people reach middle age, facing the aging of their parents and the growth of their children, we are under great pressure. At this time, we are angry not to scatter with our parents, do not rely on them to tolerate us, unscrupulous.

there is something you can say to your parents that they have no choice but to be distressed.

our parents raise us young and we raise them old.

when we reach middle age, we should learn to be parents' eaves, support the heavy burden of the family, don't lose our temper with our parents, and take good care of their emotions.

usually make good money, have a look at home when you are free, have less participation in social activities, have less socializing at drinks and dinners, and spend more time with your parents and children.

missing the parents' old age may be sad for a lifetime;

missing the growth of the children may be a lifetime regret.

years do not forgive people, filial piety should be timely, be kind to parents, is a person's greatest kindness!


filial piety to your parents, everything will go well

those who know how to be filial to their parents have a grateful heart.

people who are filial to their parents are open-minded and cherish blessings.

there is a saying in the Book of filial piety:

your filial piety will turn into good luck by your side. The more filial a person is, the more compassionate he is and how to be kind to others, everything will be all right.

if parents are not filial, how can they be so kind to others? People who are unfilial to their parents will not be convinced and cherished without a good reputation.

filial piety to parents, so that family harmony, reduce worries, career will also rise.

be filial to your parents, set a good example for your children, and children will be filial to you when they grow up.

be filial to your parents! Love you most in life, only these two people, lost again regret is too late, will be a lifetime of regret.

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in this life, we owe a lot to our parents. We must seriously return it before life is complete!