A letter from my mother became popular: if you have a child at home

/June 2022

Dear baby:

watching you grow up around me day by day, I feel that there is something necessary to tell you.

maybe you can't read this letter yet, but I still want to talk to you from the bottom of my heart.

before you know it, you have been with your mother for several years.

from the day you were born, my mother had one more wish card: to grow up with you safely.

your mother will try her best to be by your side when you grow up, but there are times when your mother is not by your side.

when I am away, you should learn to protect yourself.


protect your body

you often hear your mother say to your friends, "the body is the capital of revolution." now I want to give this sentence to you.

because the first step in your safe growth is health.

I saw a small video about mangosteen some time ago, and my mother thought it was very good.

remember that your favorite fruit is mangosteen, so your mother will tell you the truth about mangosteen.

every time you buy mangosteen, you like to hold mangosteen tightly in your small hand. When peeling mangosteen, you will say that the shell of mangosteen is too hard. It often peels mangosteen and makes your fingers red.

you said that the peeled mangosteen is like a cat's little claws, soft and easy to squeeze.

what Mom wants to tell you is that mangosteen relies on its hard shell to protect itself.

your vest and underwear are like mangosteen shells. Their function is to protect you.

once your shell is peeled off, it will be as soft and easy to squeeze as mangosteen.

so, you must protect your "shell". Once someone wants to peel them off, learn to refuse.

to the bad guys, you are like a lazy sheep in the eyes of Grey Wolf.

if you don't know how to refuse, you will be taken away like a lazy sheep.

I'm sure you, like your mother, don't want to see such a terrible thing happen.

besides protecting your "shell", you should also pay attention to the safety of your body.

Don't run too fast while playing. Accidents will come at any time. Mom doesn't want to see your soft little body and hard car collide with each other.

Don't eat everything when you are greedy, stay away from junk food, and learn to say "no" to food given by strangers!

only by protecting your body, can you grow as tall as your father and have the same broad arms as your uncle.


take good care of your goodness

although your mother often teaches you to be kind, you should be a ruler and be kind.

kindness is a good thing. Not everyone can enjoy your kindness.

when kindness is given to the wrong person, it is helping others to make mistakes.

A few days ago you told your mother that when you were playing with Lulu in the neighborhood, a person got lost and asked you to lead the way. The zealous Lu was going to take that person, and you pulled Lulu away. Mother is very pleased that you have done a good job.

remember: if a person really doesn't know the way, he will find some adults, not the young ones.

you never know whether the person who comes to you for help is an angel or a devil.

there is nothing wrong with being kind, but it should be based on protecting yourself.

Aesop, the writer of Aesop's Fables, once said:

seeing this sentence, my mother felt deeply and shared it with you.

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so remember this sentence as you remember Aesop's fable.

Mom will tell you a short story:

Tintin and Dangdang are two kittens. They are a pair of good friends.

Tintin is a little bulky and always can't catch fish, so he is often hungry.

Dangdang is very flexible and catches fish very fast.

Dangdang doesn't want to starve Tintin, so he catches two more fish to Tintin every time.

once, Dangdang got sick, caught fewer fish and gave Tintin only one fish.

but Tintin forgot that without Dangdang, he couldn't even eat a fish.

so you see, not all kindness can be answered.

for some people who are "unkind" at heart, your kindness will make them take it for granted.

the intention of harming others must not be allowed, and the heart of preventing others must not be absent.

Baby, please remember that your kindness should have an edge.

when facing this world, remember to put on armor for your kindness.


protect your heart

Life is a polyhedron, you can't take care of all aspects.

Mom doesn't require you to achieve much. Besides being healthy, she also wants you to be happy.

you once told your mother that the sentence you hate most is "look at other people's children", so your mother never says that to you.

you don't have to envy the edge of others, you don't have to fight for anything, just follow your heart.

in Doraemon, Jingxiang never fights for anything, so everyone likes her, but the fat tiger who likes to use small tricks never ends well.

as you grow up, you will see many temptations from the outside world.

you should guard your heart and not be fooled by them.

you envy your neighbor's brother for having a toy car, but you don't know that your brother envies you having your parents around.

Don't always see what others have, think more about your own happiness and income.

there are very few people you need to take care of, and there are limited things you need to worry about.

as long as you take good care of these people and things, you will have a complete life.

in later life, do not envy others, let alone compare with others.

there is no second you in the world, your existence is unique.

do not ask you to become the richest man in the world, as long as you can master the ability to support yourself and spend your life smoothly.

learn to look at the joys and sorrows, successes and failures of the world with an ordinary heart.

only by keeping your heart, can you always be happy and happy.

there is nothing wrong with wanting to succeed, but the gentleman "chooses it wisely" and don't do anything against your conscience.


these suggestions should be kept in mind and may help you one day.

I can't walk with you all the way through life, nor can I teach you everything.

Mom wants to be around you with a healthy body, a clean heart and a hearty smile.

May you still love the world and yourself after experiencing the ups and downs of life.

Love your mother