A home, what is the most important? (every sentence goes to the bone)

/August 2022

A happy family must have a harmonious family and a stable life.

each of us wants our home to prosper, but not all of us know the secret of making it prosperous.

you know, it is not the size of the house or the amount of savings that determines the happiness of a family.

when a family is together, it will be warm if there is love and love.

when the trough is low, some people are relieved; when they are lonely, they are accompanied; when they are happy, they are shared.

only with filial piety, diligence and thrift, and tolerance, can such a family be peaceful and prosperous, all of which are indispensable.


filial piety

parents are the roots of a family.

I have seen such a sentence: "everything in life is not going well because of unfilial piety."

have deep feelings.

parents always give us what they think is the most precious without hesitation.

they accompany us from babbling to adulthood; they are afraid that we will not have enough to eat and wear, that we will be bullied, that we will go the wrong way and cannot take good care of ourselves.

with the passage of time, they should rely on us when they are old. At this time, their parents are afraid that they will become a burden to us and cause us trouble.

the most selfless love in the world is the love given by our parents, and the most difficult thing to return is the kindness to our parents. We should repay our parents with gratitude and honor them with gratitude.

as the saying goes, "filial piety comes first."

what parents care about is not the material comforts given by their children, but the care that their children show in the details of their lives.

delicacies, it is better to cook a few favorite home-cooked dishes for them; money and materials are not as good as going home often when they are free to make them happy.

filial piety to parents, the most important thing is to do everything.

spend more time with your parents, talk to them more, and let them know that you care about them and that you care about them.

Don't tease them with excuses such as "too busy, no time" and so on.

you know, time waits for no man, and filial piety must be done in time. "the son wants to support but does not wait" is the most painful understanding in the world.

be kind to your parents.

if it is not enough for you to cherish filial piety and do nothing, you should also put filial piety into practice through practical actions and make your parents feel comfortable with your carefulness.

the ancients said, "if you are wise and change color, you can do your best to serve your parents."

means: you must try your best to honor your parents, and you can't make excuses for your unfilial piety.

Zeng Guofan talks about the way of running a family in his letter from home, and he also believes that family harmony and prosperity requires "noble body and filial piety."

filial piety to parents is the best feng shui for a family and the foundation of family happiness.


diligence and thrift

as the saying goes, success comes from thrift and failure from extravagance. The happiness of the family depends on hard-working hands to create, work a little more, work a little more, get a little more.

but it is not possible to be industrious without thrift.

if families want to prosper for a long time, they must be frugal.

I have heard a folktale:

once upon a time, at the foot of Funiu Mountain in the Central Plains, there lived a farmer named Wu Cheng who lived a carefree and happy life.

on his deathbed, he handed a plaque with the words "diligence and thrift" to his two sons and warned them, "if you want to avoid hunger for the rest of your life, you must follow these two words."

later, when the two brothers separated, the plaque was divided into two halves, the eldest took the word "diligent" and the second took the word "frugal".

the boss hangs the word "Qin" respectfully at home, abides by the style of "Qin" every day, works at sunrise and ends at sunset, and has a good harvest every year.

but his wife spends a lot of money, and the children often throw away the empty steamed bread after two bites. Over time, there is no food left at home.

since the second son was given half of the plaque, he also put the word "thrift" as an oracle in the atrium, but forgot all about the word "Qin".

he is negligent in farming and refuses to work hard, so he doesn't harvest much food every year. Although a few members of the family live frugally and live frugally, it is still difficult to last.

one year there was a great drought, and the homes of the eldest and the second were empty.

in a hurry, they ripped off the plaque and crushed the words "diligence" and "frugality" to the ground. At this time, a note suddenly flew into the house from the window, and the brothers picked it up-look, it read: "diligence without thrift is like carrying a bottomless bowl, which is always full of dissatisfaction; thrift without diligence, you must be poor and starve!"

the two brothers suddenly realized that the words "diligence" and "frugality" could not be separated, complement each other and were indispensable.

after learning the lesson, the two pasted the word "diligent and frugal" on their door to remind themselves, warn their wives and children, and put it into practice.

from then on, life in their respective families got better and better day by day.

A family in which everyone pursues luxury, the family style must be easy and hate work.

such families will only be in constant trouble and trouble, and it will be very difficult for them to prosper.

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diligence and thrift is the foundation of family prosperity, and only a thrifty family will not be squandered.


tolerance teacher Cai Kangyong once said:

Home is a place that needs warmth, not a battlefield for quarreling with each other.

when we live together, there must be some contradictions, but we can't turn the original trivial matter into a big contradiction in our quarrel.

if you want to deal with family conflicts, you must be tolerant and patient so that the family can be harmonious.

A family has a chill that is that things that can be solved by a step back have to be aggressive.

there is harmony at home, and it is nice to live in a shack; there are endless disputes at home, even with good clothes and good food.

only a tolerant home is the real safe haven of life.

Nebula Master has a cloud:

when you get along with your family, you must have a pleasant face, and there is no need to fight for the strength of right and wrong in everything.

the family will always accept us, poor or rich, beautiful or down-and-out.

as the saying goes, one chopstick is easy to fold, but one chopstick keeps breaking.

only when the family works together can life be better and better.

when we are alive, we must leave a good temper to the most important people. after all, home is a place of love, not a place of reason.

families need to make joint efforts with each other, and as long as every member of the family makes concerted efforts for it, the family will prosper.

the family is the backing of each and every one of us.

No matter what situation we are in, we must remember that we must be filial, diligent and thrifty, and tolerant.

this is not only the greatest love for the family, but also the key to the longevity of a family.