A good life needs these configurations.

/November 2022

everyone has a life they yearn for, but most of the time they work hard, but they are still not as good as they want.

I agree with the saying: "everyone is the architect of his own life."

there is never a fixed standard for a good life, but there are signs to follow.

what kind of life a person will live, the key lies in what kind of configuration he has.


make two friends: a good teacher and a good friend

as the saying goes, "it is better to read ten thousand books than to travel ten thousand miles, it is better to travel thousands of miles than to read countless people, and countless people are not as good as famous teachers."

Life is like a tree, which cannot be formed without pruning. If you grope solely on your own feelings, you are very likely to be in the opposite direction.

once guided by a good teacher, there are infinite possibilities.

A good teacher teaches you skills, teaches you how to behave in the world, and makes you take many detours.

I have heard a saying: "what kind of person you can be depends on what kind of person you meet."

A good teacher will guide you, and good friends will also benefit you a lot.

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make different friends and see different scenery.

all the friends in the scene are happy when they are at peace with each other, but they tend to leave you when they are lonely.

A true friend embraces you with warmth and supports you with sincerity.

they can send charcoal in time, but do not ask for anything in return; they dare to speak bluntly without fear of hurting their goodwill.

three thousand weak water is not as good as two or three good friends.

mentor is nutrition is positive energy, if you are lucky enough to meet, please cherish it doubly.


cultivate two habits: thinking and acting  most of the troubles in life are usually attributed to two reasons: one is thinking without practice, and the other is acting blindly.

thinking is the bag of wisdom. When a situation happens, you can solve the problem in an orderly way through calm thinking.

however, many times, spending a lot of time on thinking and subjectively exaggerating the influence of difficulties make it difficult to move forward.

Jobs once said: the biggest difference between doing things and dreaming is whether you can take action right away.

in fact, the real meaning of thinking is to move forward.

perhaps the greatest regret in the world is not that you did something wrong, but that you walked thousands of miles in your dream and woke up in the same place.

instead of holding back a big move, it is better to open your feet and let the action fall to the ground one by one.

there is a saying: "A person's sign of maturity is to understand that 99% of his efforts may fail, but still have firm faith and firm action."

thinking is the forerunner of action, action is the verification of thinking, thinking combined with action, the goal is more clear and feasible.


make a living and make love

Yi Shu said: "I want a lot of love, if not, I want a lot of money."

these two things are the only things one pursues in life: making a living and making love.

making a living makes you live well, and finding love makes you live well.

making a living is the greatest dignity of adults and the hottest appearance of life.

make love, let you feel the warmth of the world, even with tenderness in exchange for a look back hand in hand, is also worth the world.

some people complain that doing an exhausting job is to make a living. I don't know if I should let go of my love.

everyone knows that the best way to make a living and make love is to go together.

if firewood, rice, oil and salt is too hard, add a little love and sentiment to make your life more motivated;

if the romance is too ethereal, use down-to-earth struggle to let love stay forever.

Life is supposed to be half fireworks, half poetic, making a living and love nourish each other, will make you always tears, always hot passion.

for the rest of my life, I made a living by holding fireworks and making love with poetry.


can eat two things: suffering and losing

Haruki Murakami once said: suffering is by no means a pleasure, but although it is very difficult at present, it may blossom and bear fruit in the future.

Life is full of flavors. If you want to taste sweetness, you must first learn to bear hardships.

if you don't want to bear hardships, maybe every day is easy, but life will be more and more difficult; if you are not afraid of hardships, maybe it will be hard now, and the days will be better and better in the future.

Don't choose comfort at the age when you should bear hardships, accept the baptism of the storm, and sharpen the courage to take responsibility.

only when you are willing to bear hardships can you become strong; only when you are willing to suffer losses can you become strong.

writer Ma de said: "it is easy for one person to win another person, and that is to learn to lose."

there is no light in vain, and there is no loss in vain.

people who are not afraid of losses, know how to think of others and give their advantages to others, they will become more and more popular and win more gifts instead.

those who are willing to suffer losses have nothing to lose after all.

although suffering nourishes the heart, I hope you will enjoy it as soon as possible; although you suffer losses and nourish virtue, I hope you will be rewarded in the end.


there are two kinds of kindness: tolerance and kindness

Energy will flow like the air, be kind to others, and others will treat you in the same way.

those who are considerate and kind to others have a magical charm that makes people can't help but want to get close.

the so-called tolerance is not tolerance and connivance, but letting others go and making yourself more flexible.

No one is perfect. To appreciate the advantages of others is to understand and respect others.

Life is not easy, regardless of gains and losses, what is it?It won't bother you.

the great wise must be modest, and the great good must be tolerant.

people who know how to be tolerant not only have magnanimity in mind, but also have kindness in their bones.

Mark Twain has a good saying: kindness is a universal language that can make the blind "see" and the deaf "hear".

the power of kindness is endless, even if the heart is as strong as steel, it will instantly turn into tenderness.

when you choose to be kind, the blessing is not good, but the misfortune is far away.

learn to be tolerant, the world will become broad; with good thoughts, life will be happy forever.


develop two skills: being a man and doing things

We often hear such feelings: "it is difficult to be a man, it is difficult to be a man," and "what people do what they do". It is a compulsory course in everyone's life.

Yu Minhong once said: as a man, go as low as possible, let others, encounter interests and fame as far as possible to retreat, leaving themselves the greatest leeway.

you must have your own ideas and goals in order to do things well.

be like water, be reasonable, be prudent, be kind and down-to-earth.

it may not be magnificent, but it must be upright;

do things like a mountain, bold, energetic, unswerving, calm and resolute.

it may not be perfect, but you must have a clear conscience.

someone once said: if you don't act as a man, you can never do anything; if you don't be virtuous, you'll never be an adult.

being a man and doing things complement each other.

be a man with principles and a bottom line.

being a man determines your upper limit, and what you do determines your lower limit.

can be a man and know how to do things, cultivate his mind like water, and cultivate his spirit like a mountain.


there is often a hint in life that the system configuration is too low and needs to be upgraded.

it is difficult to keep up with the changing rhythm in one way.

the same is true of our lives, and we can't get it once and for all in the same way.

if you feel that life is not going well, you must need to adjust and improve yourself.

only by constantly updating iterations and refreshing yourself, can we be more wise and thorough, and be able to cope with the ever-changing world.