A family without a sense of ritual cannot raise a happy child!

/June 2022


"do you need a sense of ritual, son?"

Last week, when the balls came back from school, he suddenly asked me in a loud voice:

I was amused by the question of balls, thinking that he had learned it from his classmates again.

the result didn't wait for me to ask, he crackled like a bean:

I was happy after hearing this, and the kid was affectionate, and he wanted me to hug him when he went to school, which was a little delicate. Then I turned around and told some of my girlfriends about it. I wanted to complain about my balls with them.

among them, a friend raised the topic of ritual:

after listening to my friend, I had to look at the request of balls again.

because to be honest, I am a person who is "indifferent" to rituals and usually only cares about important days such as holidays and birthdays.

but since the child has this need, I also want to try as much as I can.

then, one day I finally plucked up my courage and hugged my balls like Gigi's mother at the school gate.

when I held out my hand clumsily, the balls hugged me quickly and said "Mom, I love you" sweetly. At that moment, I felt very warm, and I understood why he wanted to hug. Once I felt that I loved and cared about each other, I really wanted to do it again.

A simple hug is also a small ceremony full of happiness for children. With this sense of ritual, it also makes this day very different.


"sense of ritual, improve children's happiness."

Haruki Murakami said: "the sense of ritual is a very important thing."

in fact, to some extent, a child's happiness also comes from a little bit of ritual in life.

collect the child's first tooth to commemorate the great occasion;

carefully prepare the child's entrance ceremony to make him remember this wonderful moment;

set special family festivals, such as Book Day, Doll Day, Candy Day.

make birthday cakes for children and water cups for families.

these seemingly insignificant rituals will always be the light in children's hearts, filling their hearts with the need for love and the pursuit of happiness.

I remember watching a program when Huang Shengyi showed the growth yearbook recorded for her by her parents. When she turned it down one by one, she was really moved by her parents' intentions.

A thick record book gives a detailed record of my daughter's growth.

be meticulous about when Huang Shengyi grew his first tooth, when to speak the first sentence, and many first and unforgettable moments. All were recorded by their parents one by one.

Dreaming of a great petite wedding dresses that will make your figure look elegant? Find your favorite and it will remain its fashion look over time.

you can imagine how excited and moved Huang Shengyi's mood was when he looked through the growth record book with his parents.

the small record book is full of parents' love and attention. it has also become a source of children's happiness.

so, can you underestimate the ritual of recording moments of growth? Of course not!

this simple action has long been endowed with a special meaning of "love" and has become an eternal emotional fetter between children and parents. Behind the record

is the connection of love and the continuation of happiness!

in life, parents should try to give their children a sense of ritual so that they can experience the happiness of being loved!


"sense of ritual, inject sense of security and a sense of belonging into children."

in fact, in many cases, the reason why children care about their parents'"hug" is not only their happiness, but also their sense of security.

because of a good sense of ritual, it will bring children a bigger sense of security.

they will gain emotional satisfaction in this sense of ritual and improve their coefficient of satisfaction with sense of security.

I remember that in the program "traveling thousands of miles" hosted by teacher he, students away from home were asked to talk about the most important sense of ritual in life.

what impressed me most was that one girl said that her mother would ask for a hug with her family before going out every day.

at first, the little girl, like most people, was embarrassed and asked her mother, "Why?"

Mom replied:

because you have to cherish every opportunity to hug your family. Let each other know that we care about each other.

having a ceremony at a specific time will make this moment and this person more important in our hearts. "

Yes, what seems like a simple hug is actually full of love and care among the family.

because of love and care, I will attach importance to every parting with you, even if it is just out of the door, I especially cherish it.

these simple and pure small details will also become a tacit understanding between family members because they are repeated again and again, and will be given some special meaning.

so that in the days to come, when I think of these "hugs", I will feel particularly sweet and gain inspiring mental strength.

just like the conclusion drawn by Dr. Barbara Fiese of Psychology after studying the inheritance of Family rituals--

maybe this is the ultimate mystery of family ritual, which will give people firm strength and guide you forward!


Haizi said in "facing the sea, spring blossoms":

the sense of ritual has never been a kind of hypocrisy, but a standard match for a happy family, a positive attitude towards life and the ability to perceive happiness!

I hope everyone can make it.Develop a sense of ritual that belongs to your own family and enhance the happiness of your family.

at the same time, let's light up the love in our children's hearts with a sense of ritual, make them feel happy, and learn to create happiness.

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