A 4-minute speech by a director of education in Liaoning became popular: what kind of children are parents' ultimate mission to cultivate?

/July 2022


"I am the Director of Bureau.

starting from tomorrow, everyone will go back and implement: all the children in Panjin have to do housework when they go home.

have time to do more, no time to do less, but can't stop. You have to do it for a minute, and it would be better to do it for half an hour. "

this passage comes from Wei Shusheng's lecture, which he paid attention to occasionally.

he is a former director of the Bureau of Education of Panjin City, Liaoning Province. after leaving office, he was employed as a graduate tutor by the Tianjin Academy of Educational Sciences, a part-time professor by the National School of Educational Administration, and a senior lecturer at Zhongxu Commercial College of Tsinghua University.

his public remarks, such as thunder in the flat, excited all the parents.

many people do not understand, saying that when Mr. Wei is the Director of Education, the first thing to study is not the scores, not the examinations, not the enrollment rate, how can it be housework?

he said: "one's top priority is to assume family responsibility."

"someone says he loves the motherland and the people, invisible and untouchable.

if he does not love his parents, you say that he loves the motherland and the people, which is 100% deceitful and needless to argue.

isn't it a lie to love your parents and talk empty words?

people must learn to take actions to love their parents. Can bear the family responsibility, bear from childhood.

A child knows that he loves you from an early age, and when he grows up, he will naturally love the common people, the collective and the country. "

the words are connected from the point to the line, and the parents in the house are full of praise.

there is no accident, and some people disagree, firing shots at the mode of relationship between Wei Shusheng and his son:

"just listening to you talk about family responsibilities, it seems to me that you are totally irresponsible in the affairs of your children."


as a father and an educator, Wei Shusheng seems to be "not very responsible" in front of his son, as the picky parent said.

my son is in high school, studying liberal arts or science, without asking his father a word.

Wei Shusheng said calmly, "if you don't ask me to explain that he has this plan, why do we care about it?"

my son graduated from high school and took part in the college entrance examination. He never asked his father what school he was going to major in.

Wei Shusheng is very relieved: "if he doesn't ask, he must have the ability, so take care of himself."

my son wants to work after graduating from graduate school, but he hasn't asked his father a word.

Wei Shusheng laughed with delight: "if you don't ask me, you don't need me. You don't have to worry about me. Let's get it yourself."

the parent was even more confused: "if you don't care about anything, then what do you care about being a parent?"

Wei Shusheng turned around and said solemnly, "take care of small things."

when he was very young, Wei Shusheng gave his son a death order: what he can do, he must do it himself.

even when my son was three or four years old, he was coerced and seduced to wash his feet.

the son wondered, "Dad, you don't know how to wash?"

Wei Shusheng repeatedly deceived and coaxed, "Dad, how can you wash well? how well you rub your little hands."

"when he is not sensible, lead him to the right track. When he grows up, he gets into the habit of thinking about you and takes it for granted."

when he and his son go out, if there is only one bag, it must be the son grabbing the back. If you have two bags, your son will carry one in each hand.

once there were three bags. Wei Shusheng thought that his son would not be able to take it this time, so he planned to carry it by himself.

as a result, the son grabbed it, carried one on his back, carried one in his left and right hand, and strode ahead, showing that he had grown up and matured.

Wei Shusheng said, "since children all think they are mature, what do we do as parents?" Do you have to take it over and carry it for him? "

"I was at the back empty-handed, appreciating his maturity and tasting his own educational achievements."

4-minute video suggestion: after watching


to be honest, I was moved by Mr. Wei's words "appreciate his maturity".

Sanmao once said that it is a beautiful thing for a person to be alive, not because of how beautiful or magnificent the scenery is, but because of who he meets and is warmed for a while, and then hopes that one day, he will also become a little sun to warm others.

think about it, the same is true of the relationship between parents and children.

but the biggest failure of Chinese parents is to deprive their children of the right to mature from an early age, and then give everything themselves, but raise a white-eyed wolf.

do you remember the little girl I wrote about who kicked her mother's six feet in Wuhan subway station?

the mother was dragging two suitcases, carrying two bags and carrying two large bags in front, but she was pushed and kicked by her leisurely teenage daughter with her hands in her pockets behind her, shouting abuse.

the daughter is puffed up, and the mother is afraid to fight back and swear back.

bystanders can't watch, threaten the little girl, call the police again.

the mother, who had been dodging, stood up to comfort her angry daughter, "it's all right, don't be angry."

there is also a mother who knelt straight in front of her son in order to persuade her wayward son to go to school.

and her son, leisurely playing with his cell phone on the chair with his legs crossed, regardless of his biological mother who had been kneeling for an hour, took a picture of his mother kneeling and posted it to his moments with the caption "Happy every Day".

even the most common scene at the beginning of high school is that children walk proudly in front empty-handed, while parents foolishly walk behind carrying luggage.

as Wei Shusheng said, your most miserable thing is notTired himself, but accustomed to the rebellious son of this heart.

since he was a child, he didn't know that he loved you. How could he love more people?

people who are not related by blood do not know how to feel distressed.

in the end, your child will not be happy for the rest of his life.

because people's happiness is more caused by caring for others, caring for others, and doing things for others, and the spoiled children only hold themselves in their hearts, which is the greatest sorrow in people's lives.

4-minute video content, Professor Wei concluded:

"Don't underestimate doing housework. If students all over China do housework every day, they all know that they love their parents. Give it a try. The social atmosphere is different."

Teachers, especially children who know from an early age that they care about their parents and bear family responsibilities, it is impossible for them not to study hard.

this is the rule, this is the root of the problem. "

the ultimate goal of education is not to cultivate an isolated island.

Don't let those who give unreservedly empty the child's heart.


in fact, after watching Professor Wei's video, I have been thinking:

what kind of children is the ultimate mission of parents?

Yu Minhong once said that Chinese children are given too much and are so accustomed to being given that he takes "being given" as a matter of course and as a matter of course, and when he is no longer "given", he will feel great pain.

Children who do not know how to be grateful drink their parents' blood, earn selfish happiness, and do not know how to give back anything for their relatives, which can be said to have no conscience at all.

such children grow up to be exquisite egoists who can sacrifice everything around them for their own benefit.

A person who only cares about himself, even if he does something, what can you expect him to bring to his family? What can it bring to society?

there is no shortage of top students in all subjects in the family, but there is a lack of children who understand and care for their parents, provide bowls of rice for them and pinch their backs.

there is no shortage of pillars shouldering great responsibilities in society. what is lacking is moral talent who knows how to give back, have a sense of responsibility and have a sound personality. In

tolerance and Freedom, Hu Shi said a passage very well.

"We have foolishly added a person to the community.

the joys and sorrows of this person's future life, and we should bear part of the responsibility for this person's future achievements and crimes in society.

to put it more radically, having a son is like planting a curse for him and society.

he may have formed a bad habit of being a short-lived prodigal son; he may be even more depraved and become a warlord lackey.

so we "teach him to raise him" is only our own way of mitigating our sins, but our own way of mending the gap after we have planted the evil. "

our children are not our children, but the children of society.

the ultimate mission of parents is to make their children independent, confident, grateful, kind, humble and educated from an early age.

is to let children touch the warmth given by their parents, and then become a little sun to warm others.


Ten years ago, Chongqing "Bang Bang" ran Guangguang was topless, holding the goods on his shoulder with one hand and his son ran Junchao with the other.

people are infected by his tenacity of "carrying the family on his shoulders and holding the future in his hands".

Ten years later, ran Guanghui had many wrinkles on his face, and his son, ran Junchao, grew from a child to a teenager.

he took his father's hard work to heart. His father carried out a day for him with his own strength and ability, and he wanted to study hard to get good grades to comfort his father's hard work.

ran Junchao, who has been the monitor of the class, cooks a table of food for his parents who work hard outside every day when he comes home from class.

during the Spring Festival this year, he also wrote a letter to his parents and recorded a video as a New year gift.

"Life is not that difficult. I don't need you to work so hard. I can share everything with you, but you don't have to bear the pressure alone. I can work with you."

Dad, I thank you very much for raising me with the money you carried for 14 years. I would like to say to you now, Dad, I love you. "

American psychologist William James said:

sow an action and reap a habit;

There is nothing more desirable than one of our boho rustic dress for bridesmaid. We have the right selection to suit your tastes.

sow a habit and reap a character;

sow a character and reap a destiny.

all interactions are two-way. The best way to spoil your child is to teach him to be a human being.

be grateful, don't forget your roots, don't forget your roots.