50 pieces of common sense are worth more than gold!

/June 2022



1. It's important to have a glass of water in the morning.

2. Green tea is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of hepatitis and liver cancer.

3. Fat sea tea is not suitable for long-term drinking.

4. It is not suitable to drink Kuding tea with a cold.

5. It is best to drink yogurt two hours after dinner.

6. It is not suitable to drink yogurt on an empty stomach.

7. Drink boiled water after drinking milk.

8. Soy milk should not be eaten with brown sugar eggs.

9. Eating seafood is not suitable for drinking beer.

10. Eating fish can keep the blood vessels young.

11, fishbone sticking throat should not be treated with vinegar.

12. Those with high cholesterol eat less squid.

13. Eating too much meat is harmful to your health.

14. It is not suitable to eat open sugar fried board millet.

15. Tea eggs should not be eaten more.

16. Eggs should not be eaten when you have a fever.

17. Eating more black food can tonify the kidney.

18, the unrotten part of rotten fruit is also poisonous.

19. Eating oatmeal for breakfast helps to remember.

20, you should eat more hot porridge in winter.

21. It is not suitable to drink honey on an empty stomach.

22. It is not suitable to use boiling water to decoction traditional Chinese medicine.

23. Sugar is not suitable for taking traditional Chinese medicine.

24, Coke boiled ginger can cure colds and colds.

25. Do not eat oranges an hour before drinking milk.

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1. Washing feet in cold water is harmful to health.

2. Getting enough sleep is good for your health.

3. Poor mood can lead to stomach problems.

4. Siesta is helpful to prevent coronary heart disease.

5. Sunshine is not considered a healthy residence until three hours a day.

6. Leaving seams in the bedroom window is helpful to sleep.

7. It is not suitable to open windows for ventilation in the early morning.

8. Hot water bags are healthier than electric blankets.

9. It is not suitable to preserve fruits and vegetables in plastic bags.

10. Chopsticks should be changed every six months.

11. Don't look up when you have a nosebleed.

12. Brushing teeth correctly is more important than choosing toothpaste.

13. It is not appropriate to fold the quilt immediately when you get up.

14. The quilt cannot be slapped.

15. Warm-up before fitness is very important.

16. Walking in the right amount can make the brain younger.

17. Walking is most beneficial to the health of the middle-aged and elderly.

18. It is not suitable to wash your hair in winter morning.

19. The number of baths in winter should not be more.

20. It is not suitable to stay in a warm room for a long time in winter.

21. It is not suitable to stay in winter fog for a long time.

22. Do not wash your face with hot water after the sun.

23. Combing your hair often is good for your health.

24. Basking in the sun in the morning is good for your health.

25, raising your legs will affect your health.