5 life crooked reason, crooked very reasonable! (we have to accept it.)

/June 2022

A sentence in Han Han's movie "the Future":

everyone can understand the truth, but after going through the ups and downs of life, I found that not all the great truths are suitable for me.

sometimes, a lot of wisdom in life is contained in some dumb theories.


there is some heavy weight that no one can share, so we can only exchange the left shoulder for the right shoulder.


the more you grow up, the more you find that in the adult world, there is no such thing as "easy". Even grievances and crying, you have to choose the occasion and time.

this is just as Zhang ailing said:

on the road of life, you will always experience dark moments, and there will always be some heavy burden to share with you.

especially after a certain age, you have to become the eaves that protect others from the wind and rain. As soon as you open your eyes, you are surrounded by people who need to rely on you, and you can no longer find anyone to rely on.

when you are tired, you can only gnash your teeth and change the burden of life from the left shoulder to the right shoulder.

when you encounter difficulties in life, please believe that as long as you hold on, it's everything.

everything has a time in the past, and the sweat and tears you have shed will eventually illuminate the road ahead of you.


you always say that you can't find your ideal partner, can you say that you become the ideal person?


as the saying goes, "every encounter has cause and effect."

what kind of people you will meet depends on who you are.

but this truth, there are many people do not understand, blindly complain that they did not meet the ideal partner, but ignore birds of a feather flock together.

I like this sentence very much:

the world is fair. You will meet whoever you are.

raise your requirements of yourself before you ask others. When you become better and become a better yourself, you can meet better people.

if you are in full bloom, butterflies will come; if you are wonderful, heaven will arrange itself.

live like you would like it so that you can meet the one you want.


if everyone knew you, how ordinary you would be.

and all you have to do is adjust your mindset and stick to your choice.

never ask others to understand you, let alone let yourself live in the eyes of others.

do not care about the eyes of others, you can be more focused on doing things and achieve what you want;

do not care about the eyes of others, you can be more free and easy, after choosing a distance, you will be able to concentrate, despite the wind and rain.

you are who you are, unique to yourself. It doesn't matter whether others understand you or not. The important thing is that you persist in living yourself.

people who do not care about the eyes of others are mostly transparent, and those who can live a free and easy life according to their own wishes are destined to be extraordinary.


people who think they are strong are all because the circle is too small.


as the saying goes, "there are people outside people, there is heaven outside the sky."

the most taboo thing about being a human being is to be too self-righteous, because there are so many people who are better than you.

however, in life, there is no shortage of narcissistic and narcissistic people who tend to have their eyes above the top and overestimate their abilities.

people who are too self-righteous can easily suffer big losses.

when people are alive, don't be self-righteous, don't look down on others, don't be aggressive, and don't be arrogant.

Don't be an overly publicized person, or you will only expose your ignorance and ignorance in the end.

Don't let yourself be a frog in a well. Only by jumping out of the "bottom of the well" and out of the small circle will you know how vast the outside world is.

take back your pride, keep an open mind, learn to be calm, and understand that there is a strong hand in the strong, so that you can do better and finally stand on a higher platform.


sometimes it's right to give up, but it must be wrong to give up.

feeling: there is a classic line in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:

sometimes, when you choose and find the wrong direction, you may choose to give up in time, and you may get another kind of possession.

those who give up the right to choose from the beginning lack confidence in themselves and are used to running away from things.

to choose to give up is to have the courage to give yourself a chance to start over, while to give up choice is cowardice and lack the courage to face failure.

the choice between giving up and giving up represents two completely different attitudes towards life.

writer Liu Tong once wrote in his book:

so please cherish the right you can choose every time.

choose to give up, you have to give up, but give up your choice and you will have nothing!

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