40 habits that make people happy will benefit you endlessly!

/June 2022

after middle age, you must learn to choose and choose.

choose the right way of life, give up the things that make you work hard, and then make some changes in your life.

here are 40 habits that make people happy, which will certainly make you feel brighter and healthier!


Beautiful Ten habits

Don't wear clothes with more than three dominant colors at the same time.

you can buy fewer clothes, but each one must be a boutique.

when you are old, you should pay attention to fashion and follow the trend.

laugh at least five times a day, and people will be younger and more energetic.

shoes must be comfortable.

Don't mess with your hair.

temperament is more important than appearance, temperament has nothing to do with age.

tidiness is required.

items that are not in use should be cleaned up in time, and don't be reluctant to throw them away just because you feel sorry to throw them away.

Lady's "required course" before going out: delicate makeup, fashionable clothes, charming jewelry and small bags.


Happy habits

stay away from people who always complain, make you unhappy, and bring only negative energy.

go out of the house more often, dance, fish, etc., with your friends, and have your own circle of activities.

do something you like, let your spirit have some sustenance, take a correct and positive view of life after retirement, and realize that aging is inevitable.

husband and wife should understand, take care of and cherish each other.

you can go to social networking sites and chat with friends and relatives when you are free.

Don't rely too much on or interfere with your children too much. be clear about big things and confused about small things.

arrange a trip once or twice a year. Travel with your wife, visit places of interest around the world and taste all kinds of delicacies.

smiling costs nothing, so smile as much as you can, smile at yourself and smile at others.

everything turns a blind eye and closes one eye, just like talking and laughing, happy and happy.

keep an optimistic and open-minded state of mind, don't complain, don't run away, eat when you should, drink when you should, cry when you should cry, and be happy when you should be happy.


healthy habits

eating breakfast is more important than makeup.

people who eat each other are more blessed.

drink tea (do not drink strong tea after a full meal).

reduce the consumption of sugar and salt and try not to eat leftovers.

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when it comes to diet, remember a jingle: a handful of vegetables, a handful of beans, an egg with a little meat, and enough grains.

sleep and daily life should be regular, sleep not less than 6 hours a day, preferably have a lunch break.

occasionally drink some red wine.

drink more water and eat more fruit.

bask in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes a day, but avoid sun exposure or heatstroke.

avoid sitting for a long time, stand up and walk every once in a while, lift the anus, tuck in the abdomen, stand on tiptoe and so on.


Ten habits of playing Wechat

do not cause trouble. It is better not to post content and pictures that violate laws and regulations, so that you can stay away from right and wrong.

too vulgar content and pictures are not shared, because the work you retweet is an objective reflection of your own taste.

all kinds of relationships on Wechat must be cherished, whether they are likes, comments, or friends that say good morning to you every day.

not to publish content and pictures with the nature of personal privacy without his or her consent, which involves human rights and portrait rights, which is also a trade rule.

Don't just look at it, but respect the fruits of your friends' work, otherwise you may be forgotten by your friends. When others "say hello" to you, you should also respond as soon as possible. This is called reciprocity.

Don't send trifles or annoyances. This not only affects the mood of friends, wastes their time, but also exposes personal privacy.

for some good articles, you should read them often, read them often, and understand their connotations, so that you will constantly have new discoveries, new feelings, new improvements, and new gains.

it is better not to post content and pictures that are obviously politically radical; do not make radical remarks about other people's contradictions at will, so that you can stay away from right and wrong.

you must not bow your head and affect your work, life and health. Only by grasping the yardstick can Wechat better serve your work and life.

every good friend on Wechat will chat with them every once in a while. If you see a good article, you can also send it to your friends to read. If you have sincere wishes, you might as well send it to them to read.