16 tips for minimalist life, early knowledge and early benefit

/November 2022


keep your head up and cheer up

this is a small detail, but it is very important to you.

Adults stumble forward in life and maintain a good image, which is a triumphant gesture.


active and self-disciplined

conscientious, positive, diligent and self-disciplined will really make you better.

slackening without goals and stability without paying are also consuming the vitality and spirit of life.


Don't wrestle with bad things

for too long and become evil dragons themselves;

gaze into the abyss and the abyss will return to gaze.

the most important thing in life is to live your own life.


never give up

your independent ability

ability to make money, think independently, and do things independently.

only by acting according to our own ideas can we get the freedom we want to do.


enjoy loneliness

instead of enduring loneliness

loneliness is the norm of life.

I have no experience of being alone with myself, and I don't know how to get along with others.

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if you understand this truth, you may be really mature.


in the period of life transition

learn to take responsibility for a long time

cherish yourself, not self-pity, let alone self-conceit.

should assume the responsibility for the growth of their own life, which is actually an honor.

No one is born strong, but fate will help us to become stronger step by step.


face imperfections

Life is always like this, and people can't be satisfied everywhere.

but we still have to live passionately.

A person has a lot to love in his life. Don't be discouraged just because he is dissatisfied.


the real skill

will make life more successful


find your own field and make full use of it.

it is easier to stand out by deep ploughing and careful cultivation where there are advantages.

have the ability to heal themselves

being able to reconcile with themselves and heal themselves is a great ability.

look at things with a growing mentality, wipe away the tears and panic in your eyes, and find the beauty and tenderness of details.

always believe that you deserve to be loved and that you will encounter more wonderful scenery.


others can laugh at themselves

you must not go along with

people who know how to laugh at themselves are actually smart people.

they understand their own abilities and shortcomings, and then protect themselves by belittling themselves.

but if you go along with it, your EQ is really low.


Don't be stingy and praise

and don't give up the right to express anger

A person with character feels more real than a person without character.


pay attention to your health and happiness

if you want to start your life, you must protect yourself.

eat on time, control less spicy sugar, eat less high-fat and hot junk food, eat more fruits and vegetables, and pay attention to three meals a day.


you must learn to manage money

no matter what age you are in, the amount of income, learn to save, add up a little makes a Mickle, in case of worry.


troubled time

it is better to read

Reading is the shortest distance for us to approach the great mind.

read more good articles and sharpen your mind and temper in the ups and downs of the day.

to learn, to act, to change.


learn to plan

everything is done in advance, and nothing is wasted.


there is always kindness and tenderness in my heart

choosing good people is a treasure in the world.

with good intentions and always towards the light, you are bound to have more good luck.