10 signs of a person's good health

/August 2022


know how to let go

after middle age, let go and let go.

Don't embarrass yourself, wronge yourself, stop overexert, don't struggle.

We have passed the age of wayward, and life can no longer be wasted by you.

if you don't cherish it, who really cares?

if you know how to let go, you will have a better state of mind, be more open-minded, and naturally live longer and happier.


the era of being willing to accept new things and new ideas

has changed, and the concept of life is constantly changing and updating.

We should not always live by the old ideas, but also know how to keep pace with the times and learn more about the new ideas now.

if you are willing to go out of the house, explore this wonderful world and accept the latest things and ideas, you must be a person who enjoys life.


is always optimistic

according to the report of the American Journal of psychologists:

We should strive to maintain an optimistic attitude and actively seek the meaning of life.

in Sardinia, Italy or Okinawa, Japan, there are the oldest people in the world.

they all work hard, but they pay more attention to spending time with their families, improve their mental state, and like to help others.


I have a cheerful personality and like to make friends

as the saying goes, many friends have multiple paths, saying that it is easy to do things when people are familiar with them, while a study by Australian scientists shows that more friends can also promote longevity.

there are related research results show that

friends can help people relieve stress, solve difficulties, and encourage healthy living habits.


likes to clean things

if you are a person who regularly cleans things at home and is willing to throw away things that you don't use, congratulations, you've got another one.

this shows that you have the potential to live a long life.

in the end, the family only keeps the necessities of life, and everything else can be cleaned up.

in life, don't buy things you don't need; buy what is necessary.

when you finish cleaning up, you will find that it is the same home, but you seem to be more comfortable.


have friends who really like them

McCasadin, an associate professor of psychology at Cedar Crest College in the United States, said:

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having an old wife

is the most important thing for a young couple to stay together until they are old.

Home-cooked meals, coarse cloth clothes, know the cold and know the heat to marry the wife.

when you are old, a wife who really knows how to know the cold and knows the heat is the most precious treasure in this life.

if you have a hot and cold wife around you, your life will be happier and warmer, and you will naturally live a healthier and longer life.


the body is slightly fat

now people are "thin is beautiful", but in fact, those who are slightly fat live longer.

some studies have found that

in old age, slightly obese people have higher bone mineral density, lower mortality, lower incidence of respiratory diseases, osteoporosis and diabetes, and have stronger ability to adapt to the environment.

when diseases such as influenza and pneumonia occur, the thin elderly are more likely to be infected, while the slightly obese elderly are relatively better. "


most of the time

A new study of 2603 men and women shows that no matter how high their body fat content is, they live longer than those who walk for less than 30 minutes a day.

similarly, studies have shown that obese women can improve their heart health by adding 10 minutes of exercise every day.

so you might as well take a walk after lunch and try to do more exercise in various ways every day.


have strong legs

stand with your back against the wall, move your feet forward slowly, and then fall back until you maintain a steady state, but the lower half of your back should always be close to the wall.

keep this position as much as possible, do it once a day, and add a few seconds at a time.

how many of these 10 signs do you have?