10 principles taught me in 2021 (good text in depth)

/October 2022

some people say: "Life does not need to be better than others, but it must be better than before."

in the prime of life, love yourself well.

with the increase of age and experience, people will feel more.

in 2021, I was taught these 10 lessons.


practice your skills

others will come naturally

you don't have to look around for contacts and expand your circle. The only thing you need is to practice your abilities.

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when you have the ability, people at your level will automatically approach you, and activities that match your abilities will continue to find you.

as the saying goes: "do not chase a horse, you use the time to chase a horse to recommend, when the spring blossoms, can attract a number of horses for you to choose;

do not deliberately curry favor with a person, use the time without friends to improve their abilities, when the time is ripe, there will be a group of friends with you."


Don't say hard words, don't do soft things

hold the principle of inner softness, and wear armor with temperature.

speaking with a pleasant face shows a person's wisdom; tough and skillful things are the winners of a high-ranking life.

speak hard and softly, leave your way back, and don't be too absolute.

not doing soft things is the bottom line and principle of being a man.

learn to refuse when you are asked to do something you don't like.

Don't wronge yourself to please others. Kindness also needs to be sharp.


pay attention to long-term accumulation

quantitative changes will lead to qualitative changes

do less things that can only make you feel good in the short term, such as staying up late, browsing your cell phone, sleeping in, and watching dramas;

do more things that have no effect in the short term, but have huge benefits in the long run, such as reading books, studying courses, and fitness.

keep learning and practicing a skill that may bring you unimaginable happiness and may even quietly change your destiny.

accumulate silently, and one day it will change from quantitative to qualitative.

as the saying goes, "every good person has a period of silence, which is a time when we have made a lot of efforts but failed to get results, and we call them taking root."

No one will come to the snow for you, and you have to see the scenery you like.


active learning

is a necessary skill for survival in society

We study passively from small to big, but after work, no one urges us, and no one will take the initiative to help us.

if you can't do it at work, you can only teach yourself.

Today, society is making progress faster than we thought. Not making progress is no longer staying in the same place, but being eliminated by society. Just like sailing against the current, if you do not advance, you will fall behind.

to maintain long-term active learning is not to become a powerful person, but the only way not to be eliminated by society.


keep reading

the famous writer Sanmao once said: "if you read more, your appearance will change naturally. In many cases, you may think that many of the books you have read have become fleeting and forget. In fact, they are still boundless in potential temperament, in conversation, in mind, and of course they may also be revealed in life and words."

the book has its own house of gold, and the book has its own beauty.

by reading, you can broaden your horizons, take a road you have never taken before, and see a different world.

We need to read in our lives, which is a way to organize ourselves.

stay away from the crowd, digest yourself, remove negative emotions, and accept new thoughts.


know the world but not sophisticated, smooth and naive

in the process of growing up, a person will experience several heartbreaking moments, and the subversion of the three values again and again.

Roman Roland once said: "there is only one true heroism in the world, which is to still love life after knowing the truth of life."

learn to heal yourself, learn to be strong externally and internally, strong enough to face problems calmly, endure the impatience of others, and be unable to do so.

know but not sophisticated, smooth and naive experience, gentle treatment of the world's good and bad.


gratitude is the gift of life

Carnegie said: "gratitude is the product of great breeding."

Life is an echo. Give people roses. If you give others the best, you will get the best from others.

if you learn to be grateful to others, you will have the ability to be happy.

form the habit of gratitude, and there will be a steady stream of love coming back.


Don't live so tired

in fact, you really don't have that many audiences

A lot of people always take themselves too seriously and overestimate their position in the hearts of others, so there are entanglements and troubles.

everyone is busy and doesn't have so much time to care about you.

put aside your concern for the eyes of others, lower your expectations for what others think, be yourself, and don't be so tired.


regularly cut off

to clean up your life and heart

as the saying goes, "those who care are tired, but those who don't care don't care."

subtract from life, the heart will be simple, and people will no longer suffer.

for example, if there are more things in favorites, delete some useless things; throw away a pile of things that have not been used for a long time on the table.Love is always you pay, but the other party does not know how to cherish, then do not pay.

Don't feel that you have paid too much in the past and are reluctant to part, because it is all in the past. If you continue to pay, you will lose more energy and time.

only by letting go of the past and no longer entangled, can we be free and relaxed.


there are always two sides to things

look more at the positive side of things and find ways to solve them instead of complaining.

it is also half a glass of water. Some people will feel lucky and have half a glass of water to drink. Some people feel sorry for themselves and only have half a glass of water.

but we should look on the bright side of things and learn to live with optimism.

time is coming, living healthily, living calmly, smiling happily, and being busy properly, it's good.