10 piercing words that let you see others and understand yourself

/July 2022


people are always willing to dig for the truth, but no one wants to believe the truth.

We are constantly receiving all kinds of information every day, digging for the truth behind the information, but choosing to escape when the truth comes.

I don't know since when, we are no longer willing to believe the facts, but only willing to believe what our eyes see.

We live in our fictional world, doing what we want to do and looking at the facts we want to see. But he is unwilling to admit that even if he sees it with his own eyes, he will sometimes be deceived.


where is the word "easy" in adult life? Yes, it's easy to get fat.

Adult life, in addition to work, money is not from their own, even the body has been incompetent.

many people say "lose weight" every day, but the action is always lagging behind:

clearly agreed not to eat dinner, but still skillfully open the takeout software at dinnertime;

clearly issued a fitness card, a year later, the card failed, but the number of times.

as the saying goes:

seeing that winter has come, the fat on the body is still closely dependent and never give up.


the truth of life is like this: I dare to scold heaven and earth, but I dare not scold the neighbor who is decorating upstairs every weekend.

in life, there is always such a group of people who like to hide in the illusory network and do things that claim to be just in the name of justice.

in order to attract attention, they make indecent remarks to attack others and unscrupulously expose other people's scars.

among them, some are to vent their private anger, and some are to attract people's attention.

but in real life, this group of people, like ordinary people, keep quiet when things happen, and dare not stand up for themselves even after being aggrieved.

all say that comments without respect are no different from "kidnapping". In this era of freedom of speech, we hope that everyone will be cautious in their words and deeds so as not to let their voices turn into "kidnapping" to others.


you can never imagine how light the last straw that killed the camel would be.

I believe that everyone has moments like this:

is obviously just a common sentence, but it makes you break down and cry;

it is obviously the simplest action, but you are sad because of it.

it is clear that many people have said the same thing and done the same thing, but only you can not have peace of mind.

many people don't understand why some people still smile one second and burst into tears the next.

everyone has his own vulnerability and unknown pain.

you don't have to help, but please don't help; you don't have to be relieved, but please don't make it worse.

because you don't know what kind of pain and suffering other people are going through, your random words may be the last straw to crush others.


We seem to have many friends and we don't seem to have any friends.

there is a saying:

I think so.

I don't know when we got into the habit of seeing each other and adding friends, watching Wechat have more and more friends, as if we really had so many friends.

through moments, we get to know each other's lives and developments, and there are endless topics every time we meet.

seems to be very close, but in fact he is just "the most familiar stranger".


you have to arrange the time and things before you can lose control.

We try to play an emotionally stable adult, dare not make mistakes, dare not collapse, try to be perfect, kind and a little alienated.

only in the dead of night do you dare to release your repressed emotions.

I still remember some photos circulated on the Internet before: a 40-year-old middle-aged man sat quietly for a long time in a roadside restaurant late at night.

suddenly it began to rain heavily outside. Instead of taking refuge in the shop, he was alone in the rain and cried sadly for a long time.

in the adult world, who is not full of tears while carrying a heavy load.

the Code of Adult collapse says: "Adult collapse depends on time and occasion.

not only pay attention to the ratio of performance to price, but also consider the priority. "

Adult life can't even collapse on its own. Only after arranging all the work can we spare some time for collapse.


injury is not up to you, but happiness is yours. Why don't we choose a happy life?

"mood determines state of mind, state of mind determines life."

When in our elegant collection of black gowns for prom, be assured of an amazing look in each function. Our collections make it a piece of cake to help you choose the perfect one.

what kind of state of mind you have, what kind of life you will have.

in this world, there is nothing you can't get by, just yourself and yourself.

often looking back, I find that the sorrows and anxieties that once made me miserable are actually competing with myself.

what should come will always come, and the past will always pass.

instead of spending a sad and sad day, it is better to make life simple and happy.

it's like this sentence:


Don't think wishfully that taking up arms is brave and laying down arms is cowardice.

"only children make choices, adults want them all."

this is the hottest sentence recently and the most perfect interpretation of adults.

We always want to have it all, so we keep looking for something better, but forget it.

in fact, life does not need unnecessary persistence, there is nothing, is really can not give up.

sometimes, blindly demanding will only increase troubles, learn to let go, is really brave.


if people want to succeed, there are five people who must help you: help from noble people, help from superior people, best wishes from relatives, self-efforts, and villain supervision.

We always yearn for success and do not hesitate to give everything for it, but forget that success is not just about blood, but also about the help of others.

every successful person can not do without the guidance of high-level people and the sincere support of dignitaries.

they can help you find your way to success and help you through difficult times.

I have heard such a saying:

behind every success, the figure of hard work is indispensable, and only a person who is willing to work hard will get help from others.

and those villains lurking around them can always warn themselves: not complacent, not arrogant, not lost in temporary success and joy.

maybe villains exist to make you a better person.


when you find that saying different things to different people is not hypocrisy, but ability.

there is a saying:

in the past, I always thought it was derogatory, but when I grew up, I found that people who were able to speak like this were really great.

speaking different words to different people is a sign of high EQ.

Mr. Lao she once said:

the same words can be accepted by some people in the face of different people, while others may be disgusted.

so, to say different things to different people and learn to take full care of each other's feelings is not hypocrisy, but reflects a person's high EQ.

such people know how to take care of other people's emotions, can distinguish situations, do not say much, do not talk nonsense.

even if you are the same, you can always face different people in different ways.


We always say that the world and imagination of adults are different, and there are many difficulties to overcome every day.

Adult lives are in dire straits and are either collapsing or on the way to collapse every day.

but whose life is simple?

Life is like a customs clearance game, no matter how difficult the level is, you can only choose to go on with your head held high.

instead of complaining about life, accept it all with a smile, and then secretly build up strength and fight back silently.

Don't be too quick to admit it, because even if there is no victory, holding on means everything.